Kristi McClintock’s Intro

11 May Kristi McClintock’s Intro

LIFE Runners,

I am excited to be on the team! I met Pat last year when he came to visit some mutual friends and now I’m incredibly blessed to be training for my first marathon because of his encouragement and coaching! I live in Steubenville, Ohio where I work for Franciscan University. I’ve wanted to run a marathon for the past couple of years, and so I am going for it! Pray for me and know that I’m praying for y’all!

My Goals:

1. To make it to the start line by taking the training one day at a time and not getting intimidated by the goal of running a marathon. What a parallel this is to the spiritual life where I can easily get intimidated by the final goal of Heaven, but I realize the journey is about being faithful one day at a time! The training is already teaching me so much in my relationship with God and just daily living.

2. To offer each run for life – for the unborn babies, their mothers and fathers (especially those who have had abortions; for healing), and all of my family to recognize the fullness of life lived in Christ.

3. To discipline my body.

4. To do something for myself so that I am better able to serve those around me. I find that often in ministry its easy to loose yourself, so this is a daily reminder to take care of me.

I’ve appreciated the emails and reflections y’all have sent. Please keep them coming! I find encouragement in your stories and inspirational thoughts. One little thing I would like to share; I was at the end of a longer run the other day and was feeling a bit exhausted. At that moment, the thought came to my mind that it would be great to have a partner next to me cheering me on, especially if it was my dad. At that moment, I had an intense awareness of God the Father’s presence with me – simply saying, “I am here, I believe in you, and I am cheering you on” – what a gift! And I know He is with us all, so I thought I give you a quick reminder that your Heavenly Father is that daddy on the sidelines, constantly cheering for you!



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