BOARD (7):  Dr. Pat Castle (NE), Bishop Coffey (MD), Jeff Grabosky (FL), Karen Patnaude (Fiji),
Grant Fenske (GA), Janice Todd (NE), Theresa Dorrell (KS), Exec Assist – Bernadette Costello (NE),

BISHOPS (17):  Cardinal Dolan (NY), Abp Cordileone (CA), Abp Lucas (NE), Abp Naumann (KS), Abp Ruzoka (Tanzania),
Bp Coffey (MD),
Bp Conley (NE), Bp DeGrood (SD), Bp Golka (CO), Bp Gruss (MI), Bp Paprocki (IL), Bp Parkes (FL),
Bp Rice (MO),
Bp Sandoval (Autlan MX), Bp Sheridan (CO), Bp Sirba (RIP), Bp Wack (FL)


Dr. Pat Castle (NE)

President & Founder

Dr. Pat Castle (2008) is the founder of LIFE Runners, the world’s largest Pro-Life team with 17,682 teammates who wear “REMEMBER The Unborn” jerseys as a public witness in 2,178 cities. Pat is an inspiring and unifying force for Pro-Life through faith, activism, courts, education. He received the Springtime Foundation Christian Unity Award and was part of the movie Unplanned. Pat encountered St. Padre Pio during the Pikes Peak Ascent. He cofounded the annual Law of Life Summit and the annual A-Cross America Relay, the largest spanning Pro-Life event. Pat served as a pregnancy help center chairman and teaches outreach at abortion facilities. He completed the Notre Dame Vita Institute and is a fourth degree Knight. Pat directed youth retreats and RCIA. He grew up in Sioux Falls and graduated from the Air Force Academy. Pat earned a PhD in nano-analytical chemistry from the University of Illinois and is a board member at the Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology. He did ten military assignments, including the Weapons of Mass Destruction defense officer at the base closest to Osama bin Laden on Sep 11th. While an Air Force Academy chemistry professor, Pat developed the ethics curriculum and coached the marathon team. He raced 22 marathons, highlighted by Marine Corps (2:53), Boston (2:59), Pikes Peak (17th), Great Wall (2nd). Pat teaches for the Encounter School of Ministry and speaks across America. Get his Daily Devotions book to be All In Christ for Pro-Life!   

Bishop Joe Coffey (MD)

Spiritual Advisor

Bishop Joe Coffey (2017): spiritual advisor. Bishop Coffey serves the Military Archdiocese. A native of Philly PA, Bishop Coffey was in the seventh grade when the infamous Roe V. Wade decision was handed down by our Supreme Court. He clearly remembers his parents telling their 9 children at the dinner table that this was a terrible decision for our Country. For many years he attended the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., while in high school, college, and as a seminarian at St. Charles Borromeo in Philadelphia. Before entering the seminary in the late 1980’s, Bishop Coffey was a leader in the Philadelphia chapter of Operation Rescue. They prayed, sang, and rescued countless unborn children by peacefully blocking the doors of Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities. He was arrested many times and spent time in jail for his Pro-Life convictions. Bishop Coffey continues to pray the rosary at Planned Parenthood while sidewalk counselors offer real help for women in crisis. He continues to advocate for all human life, and is confident that Roe will one day be overturned and abortion will be not only illegal but unthinkable.

Jeff Grabosky (FL)

Operations Coordinator

Jeff Grabosky (2013): operations coordinator. Jeff grew up in New Jersey and earned Finance and Theology degrees at the University of Notre Dame. In 2011, he completed a solo and unsupported 3,700-mile run across America. During this journey, Jeff ran while praying for intentions people sent him from all over the world.  He became only the 23rd person to cross the country in this manner and is just the 43rd person to complete an ocean to ocean run, finishing with one of the longest routes in history while averaging more than 30 miles a day over the four-month journey. During his journey, Jeff met LIFE Runners founder Dr. Pat Castle in Alton, IL which resulted in the formation of the annual A-Cross America Relay for Pro-Life (est 2013). His book, Running with God Across America, was published in 2012 and details his prayerful journey. Jeff has also worked in the insurance and running specialty industries.  He currently lives in Florida with his wife, Mary, and four children.


T.D. Dorrell (KS)

Board Secretary

T.D. Dorrell (2015): events coordinator. TD and husband Michael have 6 children and 5 grandchildren. She is a stay-at-home mom after leaving Hallmark Corp to raise a family. TD has qualified for the Boston Marathon and has run many half-marathons as well. Listening to Catholic radio while running country roads in rural Kansas in 2012, she heard an interview with Dr. Pat Castle, LIFE Runners president and founder. She instantly felt a newfound, God-driven purpose to her running. She sprinted home and immediately joined LIFE Runners and eventually started a chapter in Kansas. Shortly after, she had 3 surgeries on her foot in a little over a year which brought her running to a halt for a while but through it all she realized it wasn’t the running that was important—running was the avenue which led to her Pro-Life devotion. She feels that participating in local and national events with her LIFE Runners teammates is like being with family, whether it be praying on the sidewalk at abortion facilities or running a race together. God First, Life Always, Teammates Forever!

Karen Patnaude (Fiji)

Communications Coordinator

Karen Patnaude (2015):  social media and South Pacific coordinator. Karen loves being a stay at home wife and mother to spend time caring for their miracle daughter, Ella Mae. Her husband Ryan, gave his career as a pilot to God, and they have since been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world. God called Karen to the mission in 2012 when she saw LIFE Runners at the Run Crazy Horse half marathon. Karen led the Rapid City Chapter under her mentor, Dr. Patrick Castle. From there, God called her family to Fiji. Shortly after arriving, Karen had the privilege to introduce LIFE Runners to her church. The seed that was planted has grown into hundreds of teammates across the islands of Fiji. Her deep desire is to see LIFE Runners in every country. Since moving to Fiji she has had the privilege to speak at women’s conferences and in churches on the devastation of abortion.  She leads purity sessions for the youth in local youth groups.  Along side her teammates and family, she is passionate about shining the light into the darkness of abortion and bringing the truth of the value of purity to the youth. Heb 12:1.

Grant Fenske (GA)

Healing Coordinator

Grant Fenske (2015): healing coordinator. His goal in life is to spread the peace and love of our Lord through prayer and humility. Grant is a Third Order Dominican. He is a fourth degree Knight of Columbus who has a strong devotion to the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration. He has led retreats for Christ Renews His Parish. For eight years Grant hosted a program on Radio Maria called “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” that was broadcast throughout LA. Grant graduated from Saint John’s Prep High School in Condado, Puerto Rico. He graduated from the University of Southwest Louisiana in 1986 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Personnel Management. Grant works for 3M. He helps organize races that support Pro-Life efforts. Grant sees the National LIFE Runners Team as a family joined with the life-saving mission of sharing The Good News with love and compassion.

Janice Todd (NE)

Banquet Coordinator

Janice Todd (2019): banquet coordinator. Janice and Kevin have four daughters and reside in Omaha, NE.  Janice is a parish Respect Life coordinator and LIFE Runners chapter leader.  She founded the Sidewalk Advocates for Life chapter that services in front of the Carhart abortion facility in Bellevue.  Janice directed the first LIFE Runners banquet with Abby Johnson as the keynote speaker.  She also leads parish adult faith formation and student religious education.  The Todd family was honored as the 2019 NE Family of the Year for the Knights of Columbus. All In Christ!

Bernadette Costello (NE)

Executive Assistant

Bernadette Costello (2020): executive assistant.  “My mom conceived 22 children (6 miscarriages).  After delivering her fifth child, the doctor attempted to do a hysterectomy without her permission.  My mom awoke and stopped the doctor.  Praise God for her heroic stand, as I was her 12th child born.  Because of my moms example, I know that the fight to end abortion is the preeminent issue of all times.”  Bernadette serves as a parish Respect Life coordinator, and started an Embrace Grace support group for women who have unplanned pregnancies.  Bernadette does sidewalk outreach, praying and offering help to women at Carhart’s abortion facility.  Bernadette and her children serve meals at the Sienna Francis Homeless shelter.  She is on the executive team for Ablaze, a praise and worship ministry.  She is also a faculty member at the Omaha Campus Encounter School of Ministry.  “It is a privilege and blessing to serve God with LIFE Runners.  All In Christ for Pro-Life!”

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