[1st Wed] Ash Wed (Ps 23:1) by Paula Parmelee

06 Mar [1st Wed] Ash Wed (Ps 23:1) by Paula Parmelee

Ash-Wednesday-crossThe Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack. ~ Ps 23:1
Reflection:  The Lenten season. 40 days. A time of healing. A time of spiritual growth. Purification. Cleansing.  Forgiveness. Jesus offers His guiding hand. His light shines through our valley of tears. He beckons. He invites each to come follow Him. His eternal Word breaks forth and dispels the darkness. He is the Word.  I accept.  I join my suffering to His Holy Cross, I unite, become one. Jesus, I trust in You. I now offer my own hand, I reach out, I grasp the one in need, the abortion vulnerable; the brokenhearted, the forgotten; the unloved. I shine Your light, Lord, out into the sadness, to the lost, to those without hope; and I pray for all to know Your love.
Challenge:  Pray, fast and offer alms to those who have suffered from, or are related to someone who has suffered the loss of a child by abortion.  Wholeheartedly devote yourself to the glory of God and to the service of your neighbor. Be the one.
* 1st Wednesday!  Wear your “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey as a public witness in unity with our 10,567 teammates in 36 nations, to impact hearts and minds for saving lives.  Use LR App to log jersey time & distance. Post photos with #RememberTheUnborn and share here.
Pray to end abortion (Creed).  Witness with “REMEMBER The Unborn” gear (Order).  Give jerseys to Students and Missions ($10 once or monthly).  Thank You!
Inspiration:  “The principle mission of the Church is evangelization, bringing the Good News to everyone.” ~ Pope Francis
All In Christ,
* Paula Parmelee is the 2016 LIFE Runners Lady of the Year.  She coordinates the Sioux City Iowa schools LIFE Runners chapters:  Heelan, Mater Dei, Sacred Heart, St. Michael.  

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