LIFE Runners Christmas List – teamwork for Life!

06 Dec LIFE Runners Christmas List – teamwork for Life!

santa-kneeling-to-jesus (2)Dear LIFE Runners Teammates – are you ready?  Christ is coming. 

We help prepare the way by putting our Pro-Life faith in action for the least of these, the precious unborn children.  It has been another huge growth year for LIFE Runners – from 3,002 to 3,906 teammates.  More teammates means more unborn lives saved through prayers, awareness and fundraising.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us persevere in running the race set before us…with our eyes fixed on Jesus.”  ~ Heb 12:1-2

Please add these “Angel Tree” items to your Christmas List.  You are needed – teamwork for Life – thank you!

1.  Pray the LIFE Runners Creed with your friends and family.  After praying together, invite them to join LIFE Runners.  You could put a LIFE Runners Creed card in each gift – order here.
2.  Give LIFE Runners gear for Christmas gifts (order here).  Invite them to join the Team – simply sign up, order REMEMBER The Unborn jersey, and wear it in public – running optional.
3.  Register to run/walk 5K legs of the A-Cross America Relay (Feb 10th to Mar 20th).
4.  Raise/contribute $262 each year to keep LIFE Runners growing – tax deductible – see list of needs below – donate here.

“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” ~ 1 Cor 3:6

Why contribute to LIFE Runners?  The LIFE Runners jersey is so powerful for bringing a positive Pro-Life message to places in our culture that can’t be reached easily by other media (schools, churches, grocery story, work, races).  Our “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey message keeps the issue top of mind and starts conversations, impacting hearts/minds for saving lives.  LIFE Runners bring abortion vulnerable women to help at pregnancy help centers.  LIFE Runners help prevent abortion and provide a healing community for post-abortion mothers, fathers, and families.  LIFE Runners provide such a positive way to put your Pro-Life faith in action and save lives!

Funding needs for LIFE Runners growth (1 Cor 3:6)
* Admin:  new website, Devotions delivery, Facebook marketing, annual newsletter.
* Chapters:  marketing materials, youth chapter jerseys, leaders retreat/training.
* Booths:  marathon expos, NCYC.
* Pregnancy help centers:  support walk/run 5K’s with consulting and LIFE Runners gear.
* Phone app:  log time in jersey and make it a friendly competition between teammates and chapters.
* Jerseys for third world countries:  LIFE Runners in 23 countries.
* A-Cross America Relay documentary:  for EWTN promo each year.
* LIFE Runners Devotions book:  for pregnancy help centers, teammates, Pro-Life community building.
* Communications:  need paid position for connecting and growing team.  LIFE Runners has no paid positions.

2015 Teamwork – cheers!
LIFE Runners added 2 more countries and are now at 23 countries.  We also added 18 new LIFE Runners chapters, bringing our total to 80 chapters.  As we grow and reach around the world, we need funds to offer start up help to chapters serving those in need.  For example, the start up for the Fiji Islands chapter cost over $2,000 and through that chapter we have helped save at least 3 babies and impacting so many hearts/minds, featured on the front page of island newspaper (LIFE Runners press page). LIFE Runners is taking hold of hearts/minds all over the world as people begin to see the growing need to rescue our precious unborn and their courageous mothers from the destruction of abortion. LIFE Runners vision continues to prayerfully grow as God opens doors. All Christian denominations across the globe have united to stand for Life, and we trust that the Lord will continue to lead the way!

This year we lost one of our own precious LIFE Runners, but heaven gained a warrior. We honor Ed Heigl for his acts of love and his courageous fight! Starting in 2016 we will name a LIFE Runners Chapter of the Year award to honor Ed.  We will announce the 2015 LIFE Runners of the Year awards (adults, students, family) leading up to the A-Cross America Relay finish on March 20th.

We started our year off strong as we began the A-Cross America Relay, that for the first time included legs that also stretched from North Dakota to Texas.  The Relay adds up to 1,588 legs (~5K each) for 5,544 miles, and we covered 4,169 of the miles.  See course map below.  It was a powerful 40 days of spreading our life affirming message of hope from coast to coast! LIFE Runners traveled long distances to help cover legs and LIFE Runners all over the world did legs remotely to get as many legs as possible covered. We look forward to the upcoming A-Cross America Relay that will run from February 10th to March 20th. The A-Cross America Relay is now open for registration so sign up now for your leg/legs and help us have the best Relay ever! This Relay is a time to be a living banner of hope as we cross our great nation and cover our road ways with the bold blue gear proclaiming “REMEMBER the Unborn, Jer 1:5.” God uses our jersey message in powerful ways to impact hearts/minds for saving lives.

Here is the exciting recap of this year’s national race, Las Vegas 10K/half/full Marathon (Nov 15):  Brutal! Vegas Marathon Recap.  Hope you join us for the 2016 Philadelphia 8K/half/full Marathon (Nov 19-20).

LIFE Runners are for God first, Life always, Teammates forever!  If you have a local chapter, please stay involved with a monthly gathering (guidance).  If you don’t have a local chapter, please consider starting one.  Wear your REMEMBER The Unborn jersey in public the First Wednesday of each month and share photos on social media with #GearUpSpeakUp.  Follow our Pro-Life efforts on Facebook.  Send us your input and ideas at   

Thank you for the life-saving teamwork, high five!  LIFE Runners Board Members wish you and yours a most merry and holy Christmas season.

All In Christ for Pro-Life,

Dr. Pat Castle:  president, co-founder
Dr. Rich Reich:  vice president, co-founder
Paul Westendorf:  membership director
Jeff Grabosky:  relay director
Scott Casmer:  finance officer
Karen Patnaude:  communications officer
Grant Fenske:  healing ministry coordinator
T.D. Dorrell:  relay assistant


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