2011 LIFE Runners Team…through the finish!

17 Oct 2011 LIFE Runners Team…through the finish!

* Our Calling: LIFE Runners are LIFE Group Devotions members who pray, raise funds, and run…All In Christ for Pro-Life!
* Core Values: Keep the Faith, Respect Life from Conception to Natural Death, Run so as to Win. LIFE Runners Creed.
* LIFE Runners FB (photos). LIFE Group Devotions (FB).
KC half/full Marathon (15 Oct 2011):  170 LIFE Runners (ages 6 to 72) from 20 states  raised $35K for free ultrasounds.  Planned Parenthood security guard quit after our prayer rally.  Courageous LIFE Runners Video (3 min), PhotosArticles/Radio.

KC SCHEDULE OF EVENTS:  13-16 Oct 2011
* Expo & Packet Pickup:  12 to 7 PM Thurs, 10 AM to 9 PM Fri, Crown Center Hall A.  LIFE Runners Expo booth #210…info/gear available.
* Free Pre-race Pasta Banquet (5:30 PM Fri, 11822 Holmes Rd, St. Thomas More Parish Hall, KC/MO):  Speakers are Leslee/Allen Unruh (Alpha Center) and teammate Bishop Paprocki (IL).
Race Schedule:  half/full (7:05 AM), 5K (7:15 AM), 1.2 mile (11:00 AM).
* Starting Line Prayer & Photos (6:25 AM to 6:40 AM, Union Station, Grand Hall):  teammate Rob Rysavy reflection and Bishop Paprocki blessing.
* Planned Parenthood Prayer Rally (2 PM Sat, 109th & Roe, Overland Park/KS):  with Alpha Center & KC Baby Buses.
* Celebration of the Mass (4 PM Sat, 4101 E. 105 Terr, St. Catherine, KC/MO):  all are welcome!
* Free Post-race Party (5 PM Sat, 4101 E. 105 Terr, St. Catherine’s Parish Hall):  BBQ and music!
* Board of Advisors & Chapter Leaders Meeting (8 AM to 10:30 AM Sun, Courtyard Marriott South KC: 500 E. 105th St, 816-941-3333)

Jersey/Gear:  LIFE Runners logo on front and “REMEMBER The Unborn Jer 1:5” on back (order info).
FundraisingRunners info and Sponsors info. Each teammate needs to raise (or contribute) $250 towards the team goal of $25K for Alpha Center pregnancy help bus that provides free ultrasounds in rural areas. Fundraising above $25K is for the Kansas City Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic help bus. 87% of mothers considering abortion who see their baby ultrasound…choose Life!
RegistrationKC half/full Marathon. The course is described as “fast and scenic” and has some hills.
Lodging (grp rate):  Near the pre/post race dinner locations. Extended Stay Deluxe: 7201 W. 106th St., 913-642-2299, King w/pullout couch $50, Queen w/pullout chair $40, kitchen, no pool. Courtyard Marriott South KC: 500 E. 105th St, 816-941-3333, King $69, Queen/Queen $79, pool.
* Training:  Schedules began 13 June for the full and 25 July for the half. For injury prevention and improvement, do stretching and strengthening after every run. Train on hills at least one day per week.

OUTREACH:  Articles/Interviews on Partners Page.    
GSLs:  For those unable to be at the KC half/full Marathon (15 Oct), join us as “Geographically-separated (Spiritually-connected) LIFE Runners” (GSLs). Representing LIFE Runners.
* Chapters:  Need at least 5 local LIFE Runners, including a chapter leader. Chapters are for teamwork with training, local races, promoting, and fellowship. Representing LIFE Runners.

KC TEAM ROSTER:  148 adult runners and 22 youth runners (103 female/67 male).
* States(20):  AR (2), CO (7), CT (1), FL (3), IA (15), IL (8), IN (6), KS (26), MI (1), MN (18), MO (23), NE (6), OH (12), PA (2), SD (29), TN (1), TX (2), UT (1), WI (2), WV (5). Turkey (1). GSLs included (45).
* Chapters/Leaders(12):  Sioux Falls SD (Jason Peters), Kansas City MO (Lindsey Bachman), Colorado Springs (Scott Casmer), Fergus Falls MN (Tina Castle), Benedictine College KS (Katie Barr), Notre Dame IN (Matt Povlock), Sioux City IA (Brenda Ferrie), Twin Cities MN (Katie Lahti), Romney WV (Tracy Carl), Franciscan Univ OH (Annie Hearn), Pittsburgh PA (Dan Stover), Belleville IL (Jeff Pauls)
* Full Marathon(25):  Christine Auxier (MI-GSL), Jill Becker (IA), Margie Bennett (KS), Rosemary Bernth (IA), Ben Blackhawk (MN-GSL), John Bruggeman (WI-GSL), Mike Casparian (KS), Dan (Lt) Castle (TX-GSL), Pat Castle (IL), Steve Castle (MN), Brian Corcoran (KS), Mark Greffet (KS), Barry Gregson (KS), Mike Martinson (IN), Bishop Paprocki (IL), Jason Peters (SD), Anne Peterson (IN-GSL), Kia Rector (SD), Rich Reich (FL), Mike/Kathy Rutten (SD), Rob Rysavy (CO), Fr. Jonathan St. Andre (PA), Deneen Waddell (WI), Doug Young (AR)
Half Marathon(90):  Bobby Aborn (OH), Victoria/Jeanne Aubuchon (KS), Josh/Lindsey Bachman (MO), Heather Bagley (IA), Katie Barr (KS), Frank Basgall (KS), Stephanie/A Bossman (SD), Karla Brien (IL), Margaret Broderick (WV-GSL), Leslie Bryson (PA-GSL), Michelle Burns (KS), Bob/Tracy/Kyler Carl (WV-GSL), Anne Carmichael (MO), Scott Casmer (CO), Angi Castle (IL), Tina Castle (MN), Brandon/Stephanie Cheviron (IN), Tracy Clinton (UT-GSL), Emily Degan (IN), Mark DePalma (CT-GSL), Aaron/Brenda Ferrie (IA), Ger Fjeldheim (IA), Heather Fortin (SD), Jane Gyhra (MO), Shane Hall (MO), Sara Halvorson (SD-GSL), Melanie Hane (KS), Jamie Harrison (KS-GSL), Sonja Herman‏ (KS), Terry Hill (AR), Erin Huffman (NE), Amy Kacacek (IA), Joyce Kallenberger (MO), Zek Kazanci (Turkey-GSL), Tammy Kimball (MN-GSL), Sam Knotts (TX), David/Elena Kraus (MO-GSL), Jim Lacasse (SD), Megan Langenfeld (KS), Chad Livingston (CO-GSL), Daphne McConnell (KS), Pam McGushin (IL), Liz McMains (KS), Melinda Meyer (MO), Ardis Moeller (SD), Gina Mullins (IA), Coleen Nelson (KS), David Padilla (KS), Bill/Jeff Pauls (IL), Mandi Poss (IA), Matt Povlock (IN-GSL), Erica Reich (FL), Fr. Paul Rutten (SD), Lara Sabin (MO), Andrea Sansone (TN-GSL), Sue Scalard (KS), Jerome/Hope/Abbey Schaefer (IA), Chelsea Schmidt (KS-GSL), Jennifer Schmidt (KS), John Shannon (IL), Lisa Skowron (TX), Carol Smith (KS), Kim Soldatke (SD), Tony Spader (SD), Chris/Steve Sporleder (MO), Dale/Tayler Sundermann (NE-GSL), Wade/Ashlee Sundermann (MO), Jason Taulman (IN), Rachel Thrash (KS), Sara Vetch (MN), Sarah Weber (SD-GSL), Justin Weiler (IL-GSL), Julie Weiss (FL), Paul Westendorf (SD), Blake Williams (KS), Linda Zalner (WV-GSL)
* 5K(29):  Brenda Alvine (SD-GSL), Mike Austad (SD), Terese Bauer (MO), Brianna Castle (11), Kathy Castle (SD), Paige Castle (11), Trevor Ferrie (11), Randy/Jill Fisher (MN-GSL), Lance Fjeldheim (IA), Joe Godshall (SD-GSL), Rani Gordan (SD-GSL), Sherry/Mark Greiner (CO-GSL), Art Horn (NE-GSL), Rachel Person (SD-GSL), Melanie Pfeil (WI), Mark Rysavy (9), Lauren Shannon (IL), Antonio/Ann Soave (MO-GSL), Stephanie (SD)/AJ (10)/Rebekah (5)/Teresa (1) Spader, Deanna/Jeremy (16)/Rachel (11)/Rebekah (13) Sporleders
* 1.2 mile(9):  Grace Castle (8), Mary Castle (8), Sam Castle (6), Carter Ferrie (8), Ann (9)/Sarah (8) Gregory, Elizabeth Rysavy (7), Maasa (11)/Catherine (7) Spader
* Twin Cities 10K (6 MN-GSLs):  Talia Daly, Stephanie Gockowski, Katie Lahti, Megan Miller, Renae Pappas, Robyn Steinbrueck.
* FUS 5K (11 OH-GSLs):  Victor Bermudez, Adam DeBacker, Ed Fite, Jess Foti, Annie Hearn, Bethany Loumena, Nanette Motschall, Nick Pienta, Samantha Bugos, Elizabeth Walker, Christi Aborn

Let’s run/pray to cross the finish line for the end of abortion…stay vigilant, stay strong (Phil 4:13)!

All In Christ for Pro-Life, coach Pat Castle

LIFE Group…we “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5”.
LIFE Runners…we pray & run for THEIR Lives!
LIFE Runners…protecting & celebrating Life!
LIFE Runners…giving heart and “sole” for the Unborn!
LIFE Runners…we run so others may crawl!
LIFE Runners…from start (conception) to natural finish!

* “The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” ~ Ikangaa
* Abortion reality (images): #1 death cause (23% pregnancies). Prov 24:11 & Jer 1:5. “A great poverty that a child must die that you might live as you wish.” ~ Blessed Mother Teresa
* “But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary.” ~ Isaiah 40:31
* “Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus” (Heb 12:1-2).

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