LIFE Runners in National Review today!

02 Aug LIFE Runners in National Review today!

The National Review released a story today about the IRS’s ongoing harassment of pro-life groups and highlighted the National LIFE Runners Team (including photo):  click here to read the article.  Below is the May 22, 2013, LIFE Runners press release:

LIFE Runners Given the “Run Around” by IRS

After 14 months, the National LIFE Runners Team (LIFE Group) 501c3 tax exempt status was finally approved by the IRS.  The notification letter to the pro-life group had the same date, May 14, 2013, as the Treasury Inspector General’s report exposing the Internal Revenue Service’s inappropriate targeting of various organizations.  This also included groups such as those considered to be “pro-life.” The LIFE Group’s application was at the IRS Cincinnati office which also is the same one at the center of the controversy.

The average time the IRS takes to review applications is 6.5 months once filed.  Dr. Pat Castle, president and co-founder of the LIFE Runners said, “It’s interesting that one of the questions the IRS asked of us was, ‘Does your organization provide information regarding other alternatives to ‘pro life?’ Oddly enough they had quotes around the term ‘pro-life.’ Also, when we received their reply in April, they indicated at that time, that LIFE Runners was more political in nature which would make us ineligible for the tax exemption as 501(c)(3).  Lindsey Bachman, a LIFE Runners advisory board member and the attorney responsible for the application, was pleasantly surprised with the IRS’s final response. “We are extremely pleased to receive word this week indicating the National LIFE Runners would now be classified as a 501c3 tax exempt organization.   This gives LIFE Group the ability to raise funds to cover the costs incurred by the organization’s rapid growth.  Most importantly, it now means those individuals that have given or intend to give to LIFE Group will receive a tax deduction for their gift.  As a 501(c) (4) (which is what the IRS suggested LIFE Group should be) individuals would not get to deduct their gifts,” Bachman pointed out.  “Additionally, I found it troubling that the IRS thought we were a political group. When a group’s mission is to save lives, it’s hard to imagine how that can be political. LIFE Runners pray, run, and raise funds for non-profit pregnancy centers.  That’s a far cry from a political group.”




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