Luke 21:3-4 (Give God your Best)

22 Nov Luke 21:3-4 (Give God your Best)

Welcome God now with this LIFE Group Devotion (archive, Facebook).

He said, ‘I tell you truly, this poor widow put in more than all the rest; for those others have all made offerings from their surplus wealth, but she, from her poverty, has offered her whole livelihood.'” Luke 21:3-4 (full readings)

Rich’s Reflections:  Upon reflecting on today’s Gospel I tried to imagine myself in the position of the poor widow.  Could I also offer God my whole livelihood; my whole being?  In other words, do I give God my best?  We get from our relationship with the Lord what we put into it, and then some.  While at Church, do I sit there thinking about what I am going to do with my day after the service, or are my ears open to listen to the Word of God?  When the cantor is leading the congregation in song, do I stay silent or do I offer my voice in prayer?  Do I ignore opportunities to share of my time, talent, and treasures?  Am I selfish with what God has blessed me with, or am I a good steward of His gifts?  Lord, may I receive Your gifts gratefully, cherish and tend them in a responsible manner, share them in practice and love with others, and return them with increase to You Lord.  Amen. 

Faith Challenge:  Do you have the courage to give God your best?

Counter-Culture News: LSN, Vatican, AFA, Priests for Life, Live Action.
‘Transgender’ student attacks Genocide Awareness Project; Student compared the unborn child to a “parasite,” and said that he became enraged when he saw abortion being compared to the lynching of African Americans.

Our Prayers: Prayer to end abortion, Alpha Center, Peters family (JP).  View, add, update Prayers on our new website. Let’s pray now.

Feast Day:  St. Cecilia

Faith Quote:  “This is the meaning of true love – to give until it hurts.” – Mother Teresa

Through Christ Our Lord,
James 1:22

* Pray/Fast: Prayer connects us with God’s will & His miracles, changing us & helping others. Fast from things that take your eyes off Jesus. Those who pray together stay together, and close to God!
* Save Unborn (& family): Abortion reality (images)…#1 death cause (23% pregnancies). Prov 24:11 & Jer 1:5. “A great poverty that a child must die that you might live as you wish.” Mother Teresa
* Evangelize:Make room for unbelievers & re-evangelization of self, by way of prayer (relationship) and following Christ’s example of love (service/sacrifice/mercy). Matt 28:19.

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