Merry Christmas! (Lk 2:7) by Fr. Daren Zehnle

25 Dec Merry Christmas! (Lk 2:7) by Fr. Daren Zehnle

Baby-in-a-MangerShe wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. ~ Lk 2:7
Reflection:  If we were present in that stable, we likely would have swept the straw into nice piles or perhaps even constructed a makeshift bed for Mary, all with the aim of making things better suited for Jesus.  Yet what we see in His Birth is that the Lord comes precisely into the messiness of our lives without seeming to worry about how untidy our lives may be; what is necessary is that He is welcomed.  As LIFE Runners we help women who feel burdened, trapped, and forced into abortion to recognize that Jesus wishes to come into the messiness of their lives as well, asking only that He be welcomed.
Challenge:  Remember that the Christ Child was born into the messiness of our human world.  Surrender yourself to God in your own messy life.  

Pray the LIFE Runners Creed.  Witness with all types of “REMEMBER The Unborn” GearSupport our ministry with prayer and one-time or monthly giving.  Thank You! 
Inspiration:  “Christmas is not a fairytale for children, but rather God’s answer to the drama of humanity in search of peace.” ~ Pope Benedict XVI

All In Christ,
Fr. Daren

* Fr. Daren Zehnle serves the Diocese of Springfield, IL.


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  • rosa cerrato
    Posted at 1:45 PM, 25 December 2023 Reply

    God bless you all for the work and inspiration and the life saving you do everyday…

    Posted at 9:28 AM, 10 January 2019 Reply

    Amen. Real as life runners let us help women who have thoughts of abortions to stop.