Matt 28:8 (Christ has risen!)

24 Mar Matt 28:8 (Christ has risen!)

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They went away quickly from the tomb, fearful yet overjoyed… Matthew 28:8

Living Faith snippets: “The women in the Gospel chose joy. Perhaps this will be the Easter when somewhere in the womb of our hearts something will crack open with delight, and we will lose our fear and let the joy of Easter flow in.” by Sr. Macrina Wiederkehr

Sr. Francelle snippets: “Dearest Ones, All day long, it seems I’m calling on the Holy Spirit to direct me to make right decisions. How do I know if the Holy Spirit is leading me or if it’s my own will? If I feel peaceful, I believe it’s the Spirit. If I feel selfish and restless, I know it’s my own will. Who is this Holy Spirit? He is the LOVE of God! We are not facing life all alone. We have a Helper! To ignore the Holy Spirit is like a starving man having a million dollars in the bank, but not using it. HE IS RISEN. HAPPY EASTER.” Sister Francelle
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Pat nuggets:
* On Holy Thursday, Grace vomited on herself and me while I was carrying her out of Mass! I washed Grace’s feet and more in the restroom. This experience helped me embrace the loving humility of Christ washing the filthy feet of the apostles.

* On Good Friday, I gave an opening reflection/prayer at a Welcome Home Warrior workshop for care-givers of soldiers who experienced war trauma. A few snippets: “Regardless of your beliefs, Jesus was a historical person who was crucified [read a description of crucifixion, traumatic!]. If you believe Jesus was God, then we have a God that totally understands trauma. Warriors often have guilt…wondering if they could have prevented the death of a friend. I’m sure the disciples felt the same way about Jesus. How could they have prevented this? Warriors, like the disciples, typically take on too much blame. Greater powers are also involved…commanders, government, etc. In the case of the disciples, a MUCH greater power was at work! Dear heavenly father, thank you for the gift of our lives. Thank you for understanding us, forgiving us, and making yourself available to us. We pray for your blessings on this Welcome Home Warrior workshop, for your wisdom for this group, and for your healing for your warriors fighting the “good fight” around the world.” Thanks to Liz Curry for collaborating with me on the reflection!

* On Holy Saturday, I saw a national news article about the Shroud of Turin: If you watch the video, you will see Dr. John Jackson working in the Shroud Center, which is actually his basement…where just a few weeks ago, Doug Young and I visited with John Jackson about his research.

* On Easter Sunday, I received a ProLife news update source from Stephanie Kemp. You can sign up for automatic update emails at As Easter people, let’s live out the Newsboys lyrics “shine, make ´em wonder what you’ve got”…and then gladly tell others when they ask (Mark 16:15)!

Through Christ for ProLife,
Phil 4:13

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