Mon, 3 Mar (Isaiah 65:17)

03 Mar Mon, 3 Mar (Isaiah 65:17)

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Lo, I am about to create new heavens and a new earth; The things of the past shall not be remembered or come to mind. Isaiah 65:17

Living Faith snippets: “Baggage…this stuff we carry around with us that weights our lives down a little or a lot. It is the memory of cruel words spoken…relationships ended. It is all the past hurt, both the pain we have experienced and the pain we have inflicted on others. Isaiah reminds me that God is capable of lifting that weight from us. Something new awaits us if we will surrender our lives [for God].” by Karla Manternach

Sister Francelle snippets: “Confession [Sacrament of Reconciliation] is one of the most beautiful gifts from God [opportunity to unload “baggage” through the freeing power of God’s forgiveness]. Jesus gave his priests the [authority] to forgive sins [through God], “Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained” [John 20:23]. Just like the father of the prodigal son, God waits patiently and when he sees you, runs with open arms, while he embraces you, calling you his beloved. These are some areas I use to examine my conscience:- do I think what I say or do is better than what others say or do?- have I been unforgiving toward anyone?- do I always want my own way?- do I excuse myself when I have made a mistake?- am I sad when others are praised?- do I do anything in excess?- do I wish I had another’s possessions, looks, etc.- do I hold grudges? have I held anger for anyone in my heart?- when I go to Mass [church], am I fulfilling an obligation or really praying & giving attention to what is going on?- have I lied or gossiped? Pray to the Holy Spirit to help you make a good confession [at least once each year]. Jesus is waiting for you with open arms! In God’s love and mine” See this entire devotion at

Pat’s nuggets:
* Rich shared this website yesterday: “It has a lot of media to hopefully convince people of the gruesome reality of abortion.”

* We went to Mass with my Aunt Kay and Aunt Teresa on Sat night at “Our Lady of the Woods” church in Woodland Park, and Angi found this prayer card there. “Lord God, I thank you today for the gift of life, and for the lives of all my brothers and sisters. I know there is nothing that destroys more life than abortion, yet I rejoice that you have conquered death by the Resurrection of Your Son. I am ready to do my part in ending abortion. Today I commit myself never to be silent, never to be passive, never to be forgetful of the unborn. I commit myself to be active in the Pro-Life movement, and never to stop defending life until all my brothers and sisters are protected, and our nation once again becomes a nation with liberty and justice not just for some, but for all, Through Christ our Lord. Amen!” by Fr. Frank Pavone

Saint Day: Today is the feast day of St. Katharine Drexel. On 1 Oct 2000, she became only the second American-born saint. Read about this extraordinary Christian at

Through Christ for Life,
Phil 4:13

* 40 DAYS FOR LIFE (until 16 Mar) at
* Daily Bible readings at
* LIFE Devotions blog at
* LIFE Prayers blog at Prayer connects us with God’s will & His miracles, thereby changing us & helping others (so let’s pray daily!).
* Sr. Francelle Devotions at
* Defend the unborn: Pro-Life websites are listed on the blog. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you” (Jer 1:5). “You knit me together in my mother’s womb” (Ps 139:13). “Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die. Don’t try to disclaim responsibility by saying you didn’t know about it” (Prov 24:11).
* Share the Good News: Let’s joyfully live out the Good News and gladly tell others about it (Mark 16:15)!

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