baby saved! free Christmas cards, global updates

03 Nov baby saved! free Christmas cards, global updates

Baby saved!  Read “Vote for Christ” devotion.  FREE beautiful “Mother of Life” Christmas cards and gifts available now.  

Pro-Life Quiz:  What is the abortion rate for people diagnosed with Down Syndrome in Iceland?  Find answer below.

1st Wednesday witness!  Wear your “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey/ jacket, pray the LIFE Runners Creed, and invite others to join us!
All In Christ for Pro-Life! 

(Oct 24th)  Baby Mary saved! Pakistan teammate Aqif shared, “when I met the baby’s parents, they were ready for an abortion. They wanted a son and are extremely poor. Thanks be to God that after many meetings they said no to abortion. They are in need of clothes and food.” Donate “for baby Mary”.  
(Oct 24th)  San Antonio chapter teammates huddled at Pearl amphitheater.

(Oct 22nd)  Padre Pio Academy school chapter huddled at the Sandusky Pro-Life 5K in Ohio.

(Oct 17th)  Teens cheered for life while Dr. Pat presented “Ministry in a post-Roe world” at IHM School in MA.   Invite Dr. Pat.
(Oct 15th)  Aiken SC chapter teammates witnessed for their “Down Syndrome Buddies” at the Peachtree City Classic.
* People with Down Syndrome are aborted at these rates:
US (35%), UK (48%), Iceland (99%).
(Oct 15th)  Niceville FL chapter huddled up for monthly run/walk.
(Oct 12th)  Sioux Falls Christ the King school chapter witness!
(Oct 9th)  LIFE Runners Grace and Angi spotted at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. 
(Oct 3rd)  Teammate Charlz spreads the gospel of life in Kenya.
(30% off)  Christmas gift – LIFE Runners Daily Devotions.
 AUDIO – “Vote for Christ” devotion
Life-saving Christmas gifts:  stocking stuffers, coats, hoodies, sweatshirt, blanket, doormat, hats, gloves, etc. 
(Dec 2nd & 3rd)  National Race Retreat!  St. Jude Memphis with half/full, 5K/10K, kids run.  Register Now.
(NOW)  FREE 5×7 frame-worthy “Mother of Life” Christmas cards only available for new monthly partners and for added monthly support:  $10/mo (5 cards), $25/mo (10 cards),
$50/mo (25 cards), $100/mo (50 cards).    


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