over 10,000 blessings, 25% off store, surprise gift

22 Nov over 10,000 blessings, 25% off store, surprise gift

Happy Thanksgiving with over 10,000 blessings!

The overturn of Roe has already resulted in over 10,000 lives saved.  We will continue to wear our “REMEMBER The Unborn” witness until every child is safe.  See Dr. Vost’s devotion and photos below, ministry in action!  James 1:22

Now through Black Friday 25% off our entire storeUse coupon code 4LIFE25 at checkout.

Now through Giving Tuesday!  Receive an awesome surprise Christmas gift (new item) with a give-life donation of any amount.  Plus, receive “Mother of Life” Christmas cards (below) if you become a monthly partner.

Pro-Life Quiz:  Happy Adoption Month!  Adoption is the option we can all live with.  How many adoptions per year in the USA?  How many parents are waiting to adopt?  How long is the wait?  Answers below.

Thanks for being All In Christ for Pro-Life! 

Thankful for our student LIFE Runners Chapters!  Your donations provided “REMEMBER The Unborn” jerseys to over 8,400 students (K to college), helping them be heroically Pro-Life, preventing abortions.  
Use coupon code 4LIFE25 for 25% off entire store now through Black Friday! 
LIFE Runner Bishop Paprocki led a prayer walk to the Granite City IL abortion facility. LIFE Runner Bishop Coffey led a 40 Days for Life rally at DC Planned Parenthood. Cheers!
Sacramento CA LIFE Runners chapter carrying the banner for life!
Now through Giving Tuesday!  Give-life donation of any amount will receive an awesome surprise Christmas gift (new item).  Plus, monthly partners receive “Mother of Life” Christmas cards.
1st Wednesday witness at St. Gerald’s school in Ralston NE.  Thanks to LIFE Runner Debi who provided jerseys to this entire school in memory of her late husband Ray.  
Providence RI LIFE Runners witness with fitness!
Become a monthly give-life partner to receive 5×7 frame-worthy “Mother of Life” Christmas cards:   $10/mo (5 cards), $25/mo (10 cards), $50/mo (25 cards), $100/mo (50 cards).    
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Nearly one million abortions per year, and only 18,000 adoptions per year (under 2 years old).  1.5 million couples waiting to adopt, 2 year waiting line.  See more life facts.


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