Pat Castle (goals)

03 May Pat Castle (goals)


My strategic goal is to embrace our Team Mission: God first, Defend the unborn (ProLife), Encouragement, Health. Here are my tactical goals while training to reach the finish line of the TC Marathon for ProLife.

* God first: Run closer to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…training allows worship/prayer, sacrifice, action. Celebrate God’s gift of life through running (joy).
* Defend the unborn (ProLife): Be part of the solution to end abortion…prayer, communicating our motivations for running, and raising $/mile to help Rich purchase an ultrasound machine for a Gainesville, FL crisis pregnancy center.

* Encouragement: Be a stronger husband, father, son, brother, friend…training allows reflection, prayer, spiritual perspective, patience, energy. Help my Teammates reach their marathon goals.

* Health: Arrive at the starting line prepared spiritually and physically (peace). Courageously reach for my best (break 2:53:51), praising and honoring Christ by striving to maximize my God-given potential.

Training for a marathon is a faith growing experience, providing many opportunities for us to live out our faith (worship/prayer, sacrifice, action). The training gives us greater awareness of our total dependence on God (humility) and allows for more (and deeper) worship/prayer time (greater connection with God’s will). A marathon training experience is like being on an extended retreat…the marathon is not the ultimate goal…heaven is the ultimate goal!

Like 2008, let’s expect big things as we grow closer together (Body of Christ) and closer to Christ. Completing a marathon is a huge accomplishment (all glory to God!), but this is merely our vehicle (fueled by faith) to help save physical and spiritual lives as we defend the unborn. I am blessed to be part of our team of Christ disciples who defend the defenseless unborn and celebrate God’s gift of life through marathon running. Our genuine sacrifices for Christ will bring True joy and peace in our lives and those near us…for eternity…thanks be to God!

Run for ProLife,
Phil 4:13

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