Potter’s House (Jer 18:3) by Stephen Holinaty

31 Jul Potter’s House (Jer 18:3) by Stephen Holinaty

“Arise and go down to the potter’s house; there you will hear my word.
~ Jer 18:2 (full readings)
Stephen’s Reflections:  When Pope John Paul II became Pope he said “Be not afraid.”  I keep that phrase posted on my computer at work.  It is a reminder that at times when you may feel overwhelmed, you should remember that God walks with you.  For a while I felt like Peter going from the boat onto the water to Jesus.  Peter has faith to try, but then gets scared and falls in.  He calls out to Jesus and he comes back up from the water.  In today’s reading, Jeremiah was called by God to go off to the potters house.  Jeremiah watched as the potter created.  If the project did not turn out right, he stopped and started again.  The potter used the clay to create what he wanted.  God gives us freedom of choice.  We mold our life, like the potter molds clay.  If we make the choice to allow God into our lives, He will help us get through difficult times.
* Stephen Holinaty is from New Jersey.  Him and his wife Soonie have three children (22, 12 and 6).  He has taught ages 2 through high school and is currently the Assistant Director of Monmouth Day Care.

.Faith Challenge:  God gave us the freedom to choose.  If we try and do something, and don’t like the results of the situation, what do we do?  Do we get angry, blame others, or turn to vices other than the Lord?  We are human, but we should try and be like the potter.  If something turns out badly, try again, or do something different.  In this world there are a lot of natural treasures that will reveal themselves, if we take the time to strip away the materialism and look at nature’s beauty that God created.

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Feast Day: St. Ignatius Loyola
Faith Quote:  
“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” ~ Proverbs 16;9
Through Christ our Lord,

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