Prejudice of Abortion (Ex 1:22) by Dr. Rich Reich

15 Jul Prejudice of Abortion (Ex 1:22) by Dr. Rich Reich

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Pharaoh then commanded all his subjects, ‘Throw into the river every boy that is born to the Hebrews, but you may let all the girls live.’ ~ Ex 1:22 (full readings)
Rich’s Reflections:   In the OT reading today, the new Pharaoh felt threatened by a growing and prosperous Israelite community in Egypt so he commanded the murder of all male babies.  In today’s society many babies are aborted because of their sex, race, or disability.  For example, prenatal testing has allowed more and more parents to find out that their children have Down syndrome before the babies are born.  Unfortunately, 90% of those parents choose to kill their children, simply because they have an extra chromosome.  Moses would have been a victim of the unjust law of his day if his mother did not take a risk and defend life.  Today an unjust law exists that legalizes the murder of unborn babies.  As Pro-Life Runners, we need to take a risk and defend life.  Even if you feel uncomfortable praying outside an abortion clinic or discussing your opposing Pro-Life views with family and friends, you need to take a risk and defend the unborn.
* Dr. Rich Reich is the co-founder of the LIFE Group Devotions and the National LIFE Runners Team.  He is married to Erica and lives in Satellite Beach, FL.  Full bio..

Faith Challenge:  Take a risk and defend the unborn.  Your unselfish acts could save a life today.

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Our Prayers: Prayer to end abortionLIFE Runners Creed. Add Prayers. Pray with meals, bedtime, wake up, etc. Consider mid-week Family Rosary (17 min). Let’s pray now.
Feast Day:  St. Bonaventure
Faith Quote:  “Abortion and racism are both symptoms of a fundamental human error.  The error is thinking that when someone stands in the way of our wants, we can justify getting that person out of our lives.  Abortion and racism stem from the same poisonous root, selfishness.” ~ Alveda King
Through Christ our Lord,
James 1:22

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