Prepare to Win! races discounts

24 Aug Prepare to Win! races discounts

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” ~ Juma Ikangaa (won the NYC Marathon in 1989)
For LIFE Runners, winning means our message of love and truth has impacted hearts and minds for saving lives!  We prepare spiritually by reading the weekly LIFE Runners Devotions and praying the LIFE Runners Creed.  We prepare physically with training programs.  We put our preparation into life-saving action when we witness in public with our “REMEMBER The Unborn – Jer 1:5” jerseys.  LIFE Runners Be-Attitudes.
Our LIFE Runners jersey is powerful alone but several LIFE Runners jerseys together show that we are truly a Team, which is why monthly chapter huddles are so important.  Shout out to our newest of 107 chapters, Gross Catholic High School in Omaha and Palm Beach Florida.
Wear your jersey on the First Wednesday of each month in union with our 5,862 teammates around the world, post photos with #RememberTheUnborn and #LifeRunners.  We are now sending a text message reminder for First Wednesday.  If your cell phone or address has changed, please update by signing up again at a photo in your jersey with a sign explaining “I’m a LIFE Runner because…”  These photos will be shared on the National LIFE Runners Facebook page.

LIFE Runners because.
Summer training prepares us for great opportunities to witness with fitness in our jerseys at local and national Fall races.  You still have time to train and and join LIFE Runners from around the world at the Pensacola 5K, Half, Full Marathon (Nov 11-12), weekend details and registration discount codes.  We receive discount codes because we have been the largest Team registered at each of our national races since 2011.  Our Pensacola theme is Be the Light! “You are the light of the world.”~ Mt 5:14. Rally song, Drops in the Ocean.  Our national race weekends are such an awesome team building experience.  Here is the LIFE Runners recap for 2016 Philadelphia Marathon where we proclaimed liberty for the unborn.  See great LIFE Runners impact in the news at
Let us continue praying for each other and for an end to abortion as we run/walk together, one united Team around the world to REMEMBER The Unborn and their courageous mothers.  God First, Life Always, Teammates Forever!

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