Psalm 33:22 (Hope in the Risen Christ)

25 Mar Psalm 33:22 (Hope in the Risen Christ)

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May your kindness, O Lord, be upon us who have put our hope in you. Psalm 33:22

Living Faith snippets: “Not one of them [departed family and friends] longed for death; each was busy living when the final moment–in every case, somewhat unexpectedly–arrived. Yet by their way of being in the world, they breathed a confidence that beyond all the childbearing, work and fishing of this world, there is a kingdom in the risen Jesus Christ. They have reached their end, but their lives continue to sing to him, “We have put our hope in you.” by Kevin Perrotta

Rich’s comments: Currently, it seems that we care for our lives a lot (e.g. eating healthy, staying in shape, caring for our bodies), but we limit this dimension to the present life. During this Easter Season, it is worth reflecting deeply on our existence in the context of Jesus’ promises of eternal life. It may be worth reflecting on the objectives in our lives (e.g. finishing school, saving up for a new car or vacation, etc.) We cannot exclude that many of them will occur meaningless in the big scheme of things. Having a sincere conversation with God in prayer and by reading scriptures can let us have a completely different view of our lives. Looking at ourselves from God’s perspective will show us a totally different picture of our present lives and their continuation in God. Our hope is anchored in the Risen Christ. God has big plans for us!!!
Through Christ Our Lord,
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