St. Pio Relay (Italy)

individuals-walking-raceThe pilgrimage requires a minimum of 12 LIFE Runners.  If interested, send a message to by March 1st.  The pilgrimage dates will coincide with the anniversary of St. Pio’s canonization (June 16th).
Wearing our “REMEMBER The Unborn – Jer 1:5” jerseys, the Relay is two days with 5K run/walk legs covering the 82 miles from St. Pio’s birthplace of Pietrelcina to his ministry home of San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy.  All In Christ for Pro-Life!  2017 St. Pio Relay Recap.
* Day 1: arrive to Rome in morning and travel to Pietrelcina. Attend Mass celebrating anniversary of St. Padre Pio’s canonization. Visit the town and place where St. Pio was born and raised.
* Day 2: start Relay in morning. Stay in Foggia.
* Day 3: conclude Relay early afternoon in San Giovanni Rotondo where St. Pio did his ministry. Visit Sanctuary of St. Michael in evening.
* Day 4: tour San Giovanni Rotondo. Arrive to Rome around 5pm. Evening touring of Rome.
* Day 5: depart or continue your own touring.

St. Padre Pio is the patron of LIFE Runners.  St. Pio received the wounds of Christ.  He offered up his suffering to bring thousands to Christ for healing and peace.  St. Pio prayed, “My past, O Lord, to Your mercy; my present, to Your love; my future, to Your providence.”  St. Pio, pray us forward to prevent and heal abortion wounds.  LIFE Runners founder Dr. Pat Castle encountered St. Pio during the Pikes Peak Ascent race:  newspaperradioTV.

St. Pio and Pat, 2017