Want your chapter listed? (reply by Jan 20th)

18 Jan Want your chapter listed? (reply by Jan 20th)


LIFE Runners Chapter Leaders – your monthly public witness huddles with “REMEMBER The Unborn” jerseys impact hearts and minds for saving lives, thank You!

To keep your chapter listed on the website, please reply by 12pmCT, Thurs, Jan 20th with your chapter name and commitment to complete the “Active Chapter” requirements below (cc your other chapter leaders).  Is your chapter listing correct?

Active Chapters Listing (below):  annual minimum requirements.  
* Huddle 6 times – pray LR Creed, post on social media.
* Grow chapter by 10% – invite, invite, invite!
* Register 5 teammates for the A-Cross America Relay (open now!).
* Donate $150 for ministry costs (by Jan 31st).
* Register 2 teammates for the National Race Retreat (optional). 
Did you know that we have a system for you to email and text your chapter teammates?  Please send request for access (exec@liferunners.org).

We are 17,712 teammates in over 2,000 cities across 41 nations. Mothers, fathers, and unborn children are spared from abortion because of your Pro-Life leadership, high five!  Josh 1:9 

All In Christ for Pro-Life! 

Dr. Pat Castle intro
LIFE Runners founder
God – Life – Team


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