Relay is Half Way Through…What a Race for LIFE!

24 Mar Relay is Half Way Through…What a Race for LIFE!

relay start

After leaving San Francisco and New York City, the Relay rolled on.  Presently at the half-way point.  Click on the image below to go to our Relay page of the LIFE Runners website where you can track daily progress off the Relay.

relay progressIt has been more than exciting!  The West Arm made its way to Sacramento and other parts of northern California…


While in Sacramento, Relay West Arm paused at an abortion facility for a prayer Rally with 40 Days and Save The Storks.


On West Coast Leg 43 with LIFE Runners Raymond Moreno, Tom Jennings, Carl Neidhardt.


Running towards California capitol in Sacramento with LIFE Runners jersey message, “REMEMBER The Unborn – Jer 1:5.”

See more exciting California pictures here.


The East Arm was led across the George Washington bridge by Stephen Brown from New York to New Jersey.


St. Cecilia’s LIFE Runners completed 11 legs of the Relay in New Jersey – cheers! Their Relay legs inspired 23 new teammates for theirchapter, now up to 108 teammates.


“Hello to teammate Joanne Zitz!  Joanne covered the  Rutherford, NJ to Nutley, NJ leg.

See more awesome pictures from New Jersey here.

The West Arm got a big boost by the Boise, ID chapter.  They made it a pilgrimage traveling hundreds of miles to run in Utah.

10006525_302244123257559_925120545_n (1)

Sixteen Boise LIFE Runners began a pilgrimage after Mass and a special blessing – drove 340 miles to Salt Lake City – ready to run/walk 100 Relay miles across Utah (21-22 Mar). Their safety and Pro-Life mission were in our prayers!  See their cool video praying the LIFE Runner Creed.  Then also their praise and worship service.


Leg #1 – good morning Utah!


Father and Daughter kicking off another full day of Relay legs across Utah with Boise Idaho chapter – All In Christ for Pro-Life!

More Utah pictures click here.

Then came Pennsylvania!


LIFE Runner Dan Bartkowiak did Relay from Manheim to Lancaster PA – and then prayed at the abortion facility.

1920594_298203300328308_186695611_n (1)

“Ran leg 39 of A-Cross America Relay with my son Alex yesterday. We then met fellow LIFE Runner and friend Mary Gambino who ran leg 40.

1922333_301894319959206_371275825_n (1)

“A-Cross America Relay with Pittsburgh LIFE Runners – we ran from Avella, PA to Bethany, WV.” 


Baltimore LIFE Runners on the move! Relay Leg 86 in Catonsville, MD.


“One driver yelled at me that I was an abomination to women. She startled me and my dog. I noticed she had a woman power fist on her bumper sticker; I gave her a gentle wave and made the sign of the cross, all for Jesus and the rights of unborn female and male.” ~ Victoria Glose (wearing her “REMEMBER The Unborn – Jer 1:5”


“Running Relay legs #108 and #109 along the C&O Canal near Potomac, MD.” ~ Kathleen Shoemaker.

See more pictures of Maryland here.


Storks and DC LIFE Runners, including March for Life president Jeanne Monahan!, at the US Supreme Court waiting for the A-Cross America Relay leg to arrive soon – All In Christ for Pro-Life!

Then the Relay rolled into West Virginia.


“Tracy Carl and Sheila Cavalet passing on a “high five” to finish legs 182 & 183 in WV. Thank you Sheila for your untiring and courageous witness for the Unborn.”


“Bob Carl tackling Leg 181 in Wheeling, WV!”

Hello Ohio!


Dayton (OH) LIFE Runner Doug Christiansen: “Our team had a great Relay run. We prayed along the way. Late to the planned parenthood prayer rally at 815 but we had our own prayer rally at 8:45.”


We ran leg #219 in Columbus, Ohio. We passed the beautiful St. Aloysius Church and ended at the hospital my husband and I did our residency, Mount Carmel. May God bless everyone on the 40 day journey across America. Thank you for this opportunity.” ~ Sincerely, Dr. Jennifer Briones Abad and Dr. John Abad.


Alice Chapman finishing Relay Legs 238 & 239 near Clay, OH – forward we go!

More pictures of Ohio here.


“Getting ready from Destin FL for our Colorado Rocky Mt Relay legs!” – Dwayne & Lisa Jenkins.

Press coverage of the A-Cross America Relay has been wonderful.  Check it out…


* Dead Reckoning (16 Mar 2014):  Storks with LIFE Runners Relay (7:18 to 8:40).
* NET Currents TV in New York City (5 Mar 2014):  Relay kickoff at Brooklyn Bridge.
* WC Walk for Life with Relay at Golden Gate (5 Mar 2014):  blog.  video.
* Sacramento Bishop’s Radio Hour (27 Feb 2014):  interview.
* Teresa Tomeo Show (27 Feb 2014):  interview (39:00 to 56:00).
* At Home with Jim and Joy Pinto (26 Feb 2014):  interview (10:00 to 53:00).
* LifeSiteNews (25 Feb 2014):  4,000-mile relay beginning March 5 to support PRCs.
St. Cecilia’s in Rockaway to join leg of ‘A-Cross the Country Relay’ (25 Feb 2014).

* World News Daily Faith (22 Feb 2014):  Save The Storks with LIFE Runners Relay.
* WC Walk for Life Blog (19 Feb 2014):  A-Cross America Relay Kickoff in San Fran.

For those still waiting for the A-Cross America Relay to come your way…or still trying to fill legs, go to our websites Helpful Tools page for sample bulletin announcements, Relay flyers and much more.  Also, consider giving your local press a heads up that the worlds largest pro-life relay is coming your way.  Click here for the LIFE  Runners “Press Release Tool Kit” to help get the word out.

Stay tuned more cool Relay updates coming soon!




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