final week of the A-Cross America Relay!

25 Jul final week of the A-Cross America Relay!

Ends Aug 7th, let’s reach the A-Cross America Relay finish!  Everyone is needed to adopt a 5K, walk/run in your area. “Do Not Fear” devotion below. 
* Pregnancy Help News (29 Jul 2022):  LIFE Runners share powerful message across America.
* Catholic Voice (Jul 20th):  Pro-life cause motivates relay founders.


(Jul 21-22)  63 mile Wabash Trace trail completed by cofounders of the A-Cross America Relay for Pro-Life!  Read here.
(Until Aug 7th) Join the largest spanning Pro-Life event covering 5,359 miles (12 million steps).  Walk or run 5K legs on the Relay course or from anywhere in the world!
(Jul 19th) LIFE Runner Bishop Coffey praying at San Francisco Planned Parenthood.   
(Jul 9th) 5K Relay leg from Carhart’s abortion facility in Bellevue.  
(Jul 23rd) Teammates carried the message from IA to NE.  
* Siouxland Catholic Radio, Sioux City IA (18 Jul 2022):  Faith in Action.
(Jul 7th) Jacob flew to NYC to carry “REMEMBER The Unborn” banner across the Brooklyn Bridge!
(Jul 4th) “I walked a 5K Relay leg, plus drove three legs with message on my car.” ~ Dennis, Grand Forks
(Jun 30th) LIFE Runner Dad spotted teaching his daughter to fish.
(Dec 2-3) National Race Retreat!  St. Jude Memphis with half/full, 5K/10K, kids run.  Register Now.  
Get your LIFE Runners Daily Devotions book.


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