Teamwork to cross the finish line that ends abortion.  All In Christ for Pro-Life!  Join Team.


To end abortion, pray Creed individually and with teammates at events.

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“REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey is worn on 1st Wednesday of the month.  Postshare.

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Contribute monthly to help impact more hearts and minds for saving lives.  See needs.  Thank You!

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Witness at chapter huddles, Relay, races, and everywhere – church, school, work, grocery store, events.

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* 78% of post-abortion women said if ONE person had offered support or if they viewed a supportive sign, they would have chose life.  Wear your “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey as that sign of support to impact hearts and minds for saving lives.
* Planned Parenthood doesn’t show ultrasound image because mothers see their baby and over 64% choose Life.  Lead mothers to free ultrasounds and assistance through one of the 3,000 pregnancy help centers.
* Up to 75% no show for abortion appointments when people are praying at one of the 700 abortion facilities.  Pray and advocate for mothers and fathers (
* 40% of minors having an abortion report that neither of their parents knew.
* 18,000 adoptions per year (under 2 years old) compared to 850,000 abortions per year.  2 year line waiting to adopt a baby.  Adoption is a choice we can all live with.
* Down syndrome people are aborted at these rates:  US (67%), UK (90%), Denmark (98%), Iceland (99%).
* 51% of abortion patients were using a contraceptive method in the month they became pregnant.  Abstinence is responsible and holy.  

* Abortion is leading cause of death in America (850,000/yr), then heart disease (600,000/yr) and cancer (575,000/yr).  In all American conflicts there are 650,000 combat causalities.  2,500 children die from abortion each day (ends 20% of pregnancies).  From the Sep 11th attacks, there are 2,996 casualties reported (actually 3,007 with 11 unborn children).  Over 65 million people aborted since Roe decision on 22 Jan 1973 (9 million people killed in Nazi Holocaust).
* 30% of women had an abortion:  64% felt coerced (perceive silence as consent), 84% felt they had no choice, 94% regret their abortion.  45% of abortions are repeat.  Much needed healing support.
* % of total abortions by age:  under 15 (.2%), 15–17 (3%), 18–19 (8%), 20–24 (34%), 25–29 (27%), 30 and up (27.8%).
* 37% of pregnancies among black women are aborted, compared with 12% for white women and 19% for hispanic women.  36% of all abortions were obtained by black women.
* 52% of Americans are against all or almost all abortions.  However, America is one of seven countries with abortion on demand for entire pregnancy – also Canada, Netherlands, Vietnam, Singapore, China, North Korea.
* 80% regret aborting their child because of rape and incest.  Abortion does not fix horrible rape and incest circumstances.  Abortion is never a solution, it is the worst problem.
* 90% of relationships end after an abortion.
* Planned Parenthood aborts over 320,000 children per year which includes 13% of clients and 31% of revenue (without tax dollars).  Tax dollars make up 41% of their revenue (over $500 million per year).
* Chemical abortion (pills) account for over 40% of abortions.  The first pill is mifepristone which starves the baby (prevents implantation).  The second pill, misoprostol, is taken up to 72 hours later to empty the uterus.  Read
Planned Parenthood’s description of “passing the pregnancy tissue” (baby).
* Abortion is not necessary to save the mother.  In the United States, 20 mothers die for every 100,000 live births and those deaths could have been prevented with treatment for diabetes, hypertension, cardiac, etc.  39 mothers reportedly died during illegal abortions in 1972 and now legal abortion causes the death of 5 mothers and 1,000,000 children per year since 1973 – none would have died without abortion. 

* More facts at and Guttmacher Institute.

* Audiences (4):  Mothers, Influencers, Workers, Public.
* Roles (4):  Advocate for mothers, influencers, workers.  Assistant for language, camera, etc.  Prayer backup.  Public witness with mother focused signs.
* Advocacy Steps (4):  Smile, greet, stop.  Exchange names.  Offer free services.  Escort to services.

1. Churches and pastors are rising up as intended by God.
2. More pregnancy help centers (since 1990 from 700 to 3500).  Assistance for 2 years on average.  
3. Less abortion facilities (since 1990 from 2500 to 700).  Longer travel distances allow more time to get out of crisis.
4. 24 and 72 hr wait periods allow time to get out of crisis.
5. Required ultrasound.  
6. Mandated parental involvement.
7. Sidewalk ministry:  Sidewalk Advocates for Life and 40 Days for Life.
8. Reaching youth:  Students for Life and LIFE Runners chapters.
9. Education:  truth is getting out that abortion is a lie.
10.  Women regret abortion.

(code of conduct)


Be Prayerful

We are Christians.


Be Law-abiding



Be Pro-Life

From conception to natural death.


Be Respectful

To everyone.


Be Charitable

 Share time, talent, treasure.


Be Committed

To end abortion.


Option 1:  First pray LIFE Runners Creed, 15 min out-back run/walk at own pace, finish together at about 30 min, close with 10-15 min of group stretching and core strengthening for injury prevention and fellowship.

Option 2:  First pray LIFE Runners Creed, slow team warm up together for five minutes and then press into pace groups. After run/walk, stretch at a determined spot for fellowship.

Scheduling:  Early morning to avoid conflicts.  Extend out/back time as season progresses.  Some will run/walk additional miles before/after.  Could have optional breakfast/lunch afterwards.  Could meet at abortion facility for the opening group prayer and optional prayer procession after the workout.


“LIFE Runners use prayer and teamwork to defend Life from conception to natural death.  Running optional.  Faith required.  Sign up to get your “REMEMBER The Unborn – Jer 1:5” jersey and team updates/devotions at Invite others to join us.  All In Christ for Pro-Life! Contact your chapter leader [name] at [email].”

LIFE Runners App: The App has a “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey time & miles log for friendly competition between Teammates, Chapters, States, and Nations.  The app also includes the most used features of the LIFE Runners website.  All of this at your finger tips in an easy to use app for your Apple, Android, or Tablet/PC devices.  Details Here.

Komen Statement

LIFE Runners acknowledge the beneficial work of Susan G. Komen for the Cure in the area of breast cancer research.  However, LIFE Runners do not support Komen because they allow affiliates to offer financial support to abortion providing facilities, deny studies showing abortion as a possible link to breast cancer, and endorse embryonic stem cell research (based on these facts).  Without participating (no registering/racing), LIFE Runners are encouraged to wear their “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5” jersey at Komen events as a witness for the unborn and a way to peacefully speak out against Komen’s support of Planned Parenthood.  LIFE Runners are strongly discouraged from registering for Komen races because we don’t want to contribute even a single penny of potential abortion blood money to Planned Parenthood through Komen.  We also don’t want LIFE Runners to crash (no registration) Komen races because this could discredit the integrity of our mission.
Please consider donating to LIFE Runners today!