Respect Life Month! updates, events

06 Oct Respect Life Month! updates, events



FIRST WEDNESDAY!  Wear your “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey as a public witness in unity with our 15,057 teammates in 2,553 cities across 39 nations, impacting hearts and minds for saving lives!  Pray LIFE Runners Creed to end abortion.  Evangelize, invite others to join our team, All In Christ!
*** HAPPY BIRTH-DAY!  The first 12 LIFE Runners completed the Chicago Marathon on Oct 12th, 2008 to raise funds for ultrasound.

Face Mask for public witness!  
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2021 Indianapolis Half/Full Marathon & 5K (Nov 5th-6th).  
Details at 
Runners texting gloves!
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LIFE Runners In The News!
* Spirit Radio, Omaha NE (2 Oct):  Countering Planned Parenthood strategies.
* Spirit Radio, Omaha NE (10 Sep):  9/11, St. Pio relics.
* Law of Life Summit (9 Sep):  webinar.
* Seize the Day radio (2 Sep):  witness with fitness.
* Church Militant (27 Aug):  Victory Day for St. Louis – video 1:27.
* Divine Mercy Radio, Hays KS (21-22 Apr):  Meeting St. Pio, Pray, Hope & Don’t Worry.
* Journal Star, Lincoln NE (16 Aug):  Public signing for anti-abortion bill.
* Ready to Stand, Omaha NE (15-16 Aug):  The Spiritual Battle Against Abortion.
* KETV, Omaha NE (15 Aug):  Governor Ricketts signs bill banning dismemberment abortion.

Dr. Pat Castle was featured in Sidewalk Advocates for Life VIDEO.  Here is one of his many experiences working to impact hearts and minds for saving lives.  

WHEN DOES LIFE BEGIN? A guy approached while Pat was waiting to offer mothers help at Carhart’s abortion facility, he flipped Pat off, Pat said “God bless you”, guy walked away and then turned back.
* Guy: “Hey, you apparently don’t know your Bible. Genesis says that life begins at birth.”
* Pat: “(Lighthearted smile) You must have fallen asleep in science class. Life begins at the moment of conception, a scientific fact. I’m a chemistry professor.”
* Guy: “Oh, you mean alive from a chemical reactions standpoint?”
* Pat: “Right, the same chemical reactions happening in your body right now.”
* Guy: No response, just a pondering look.
* Pat: “Oh, and regarding God’s view on when life begins, take a look at Psalm 139:13 and Jer 1:5. God bless you.”

We filled all 5,359 miles of the A-Cross America Relay!  
* LifeSiteNews (26 Aug 2020):  LIFE Runners don’t let COVID keep them from taking 12 million steps to end abortion.
* KMBC TV News, Kansas City (9 Aug 2020):  A-Cross America Relay finish line.
* Aleteia (9 Aug 2020):  LIFE Runners finish cross-country relay.
See over 2,000 devotions by LIFE Runners.  Listen to devotions as a Pro-Life Minute.   Prayer Wall.

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