01 Aug ROLL CALL (Pat)

2009 Living In Faith Exchange Runners (LIFER’s) Team
* TC Marathon for ProLife: 4 Oct 2009 (Respect Life Sunday)
* Marathon: Kristi, Brenda, Jason, Doug, Rich, John, Jim, Steve, Pat
* 10 miler: Tammy 5K: Aaron/Trevor
* Team mission: God first, Defend the unborn (ProLife), Encouragement, Health
Hi, LIFE Runners –

Please go to and post an update on your training, faith, and marathon arrival/departure info. Kristi, how are your injuries? Aaron is healthy again and plans to run the TC 5K with his son Trevor. How is the Clydesdale weight loss competition going (Steve, Doug, Jason)?

UPDATE: I am dealing with some pain in one foot…but will nurse it to the TC Marathon finish line. I will likely not run the Sioux Falls half marathon in Sep. We have found a beautiful running loop near our home (rolling hills, trees, minimal traffic, usually see deer/turkeys/raccoons). Running helps me deal with periodic impatience as we get settled into our home and work. I feel closest to God when receiving the Eucharist and when I am running…quiet/listening time…discerning His will. My flight arrives at 2:20 PM, 2 Oct and departs at 5:10 PM, 4 Oct.

LODGING: Best Western Normandy (800-372-3131, “LIFE Runners Block” for $94)
* Rich/Doug/Pat: Best Western, Fri-Sun, booked
* Steve/Tina: Best Western, Fri-Sun, booked?
* Jason/Deanna: Best Western, Fri-Mon, booked
* Kristi: Best Western, needs a roommate, Fri-Sun, booked
* Aaron/Brenda: Holiday Inn, Fri-Sun, booked
* Jim: staying with his daughter
* John/Chris: Best Western, Fri-Sun, booked?

Run for ProLife,
Phil 4:13

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