03 Sep ROLL CALL (Rich)

Hi LIFE Runners,

Hopefully everyone has received their running shirts by now and has gotten a little bit of training done in them. Thank you for your patience. The task was challenging, but worth it.

Weather has improved in Gainesville and I have been able to run more outside. Erica and I have a favorite course for my 5-mile runs in which I run a 2-mile loop and catch up with her on the 3-mile leg. Last weekend I completed the first 20-mile run of my intermediate training in 2:32. Unfortunately, it was on the treadmill, because of the intense heat. My next 20-miler will be during my visit to Oregon to see my Dad on September 13th.

Fundraising has been steady, and I have raised about $300 so far for A Woman’s Answer Medical Center. I still need to mail off letters to my family and friends. As you are probably aware, the Knights of Columbus are raising money for a new ultrasound machine, which will help expectant mothers make the right choice for LIFE! Please consider donating money to this worthy cause. Checks can be made payable to “Knights of Columbus” and mailed to Rich Reich, PO Box 14044, Gainesville, Florida 32604.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Thank you and God bless,
James 1:22


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