Run for Zion! “I wanted to run in His footsteps.”

20 Mar Run for Zion! “I wanted to run in His footsteps.”

LIFE Runners joined Run for Zion pilgrimage to bless Israel with Pro-Life witness and to run the Jerusalem Half Marathon in the footsteps of Christ with 40,000 participants from 80 nations.  Zion means ‘highest point’ and is the biblical term for the Promised Land.  LIFE Runners ran in the footsteps of Christ to the highest point of faith on the planet and then knelt at Calvary.  We all race from the empty tomb with Good News for the world.  All In Christ for eternal Life!
*** LIFE Runners did this interview for worldwide CBN TV (15 Mar 2019):  “I wanted to run in His footsteps.”  See photo album.


In the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dr. Pat placed a “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey on the rock where the body of Christ was placed after coming down from the cross.


At the Tomb of the Holy Innocents, Pat and Angi Castle prayed the LIFE Runners Creed for an end to abortion.  Herod ordered the first born males in Bethlehem area, ages two and under, to be killed in an attempt to kill baby Jesus. With abortion, the killing of the Holy Innocents continues today.  Lord have mercy on us and the whole world. Let’s pray and work to end abortion.

Holy Innocents

Children’s Memorial at the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem has candles reflected to remember the 1.5 million children killed. We remember. As a small nation created by God that is still under siege daily, Israel can relate to the plight of the Unborn. With 42 million children aborted every year worldwide, we pray and work to bring the holocaust of abortion to an end now. All In Christ for Pro-Life! Heb 12:1-2



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