Sacrifice (Sirach 35:9,12) by Matthew Laugeman

26 May Sacrifice (Sirach 35:9,12) by Matthew Laugeman

“The just ones sacrifice is most pleasing nor will it ever be forgotten.  Give to the Most High as he has given to you, generously according to your means.” 
~ Sirach 35:9,12 (full readings)
Matthew’s Reflections:  It’s easy to get discouraged by watching or reading the daily news.  To me, it just proves the severity of the spiritual battle that rages on around us.  Historically, to enter a battle is a huge sacrifice.  In today’s first reading from Sirach 35:9; “The just one’s sacrifice is most pleasing nor will ever be forgotten.”  By our baptismal waters, all Christians are members of the Body of Christ!  Reborn as sons and daughters (the baptized) must profess before men the faith they have received from God through the Church (Catechism 1267, 1270).  As baptized Christians, this is our calling and our duty!  The good news is that, it pleases God and he will never forget!  This brings me to verse 12 in today’s reading; “Give to the Most High as he has given to you, generously according to your means.”  Take heart in knowing that every mile you run for Him, every clinic you picket or sidewalk counsel, every sacrifice to God, is most pleasing to Him and He will never forget.  AMEN!!!
* Matt Laugeman is married to his wife Teresa, father to Jacob and Michael and a Life Runner.  Matt volunteers as host of “St. Joseph Radio Presents”, a one hour talk show broadcast on EWTN Radio..

Faith Challenge:   Let your light shine!  Tell someone, who doesn’t know, you are a believer and how awesome our God is.  Christ’s LOVE, through you, can change their life!

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Feast Day:  St. Philip Neri
Faith Quote: 
 “True love causes pain.  Jesus, in order to give us the proof of His love, died on the cross.  A mother, in order to give birth to her baby, has to suffer.  If you really love one another, you will not be able to avoid making sacrifices.”
~ Blessed Mother Teresa

Through Christ our Lord,
Matt Laugeman
Ephesians 5:10-14

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