Lives Saved

LIFE Runners chapter leader Aqif Shahzad shared: “I met a couple who, just because of poverty, decided to go for abortion. I kept meeting this couple and the entire family. I prayed with them for many days. The couple said no to abortion, a sacred life was saved, praise God! Thanks to LIFE Runner Dr. Ehtisham for his healthcare.”
When diagnosed with Down Syndrome, father threatened to leave unless baby was aborted.  Mother saw a
“REMEMBER The Unborn” yard sign, which inspired her to choose life.  Baby Waylon doesn’t have Down Syndrome.  He is perfectly made with or without Down Syndrome.  We sent team gear and a $300 gift card. read article

A LIFE Runner called out with support to a mother who arrived at Carhart’s abortion facility.  She appeared to be at least 20 weeks pregnant. Within minutes, her driver pulled out to the driveway, allowing the LIFE Runner an opportunity to help.  The LIFE Runner learned that the mother was raped by her father and couldn’t imagine having the child. The LIFE Runner responded with compassion and acknowledged her difficult situation, then asked, “how is choosing to do the worst thing that could ever happen to a woman, choosing to be harmed and end the life of your child, going to help you heal from the second worst thing that could ever happen to a woman – the abuse (rape) that you didn’t choose.” She received the perspective, started crying and left the abortion facility, praise God!
At the swimming pool, a LIFE Runner invited an acquaintance to join the team. When receiving her “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey, she cried and said, “you are on an appointment from God.  I had my 5th child in February, and I’m pregnant again.  No one else knows, I was considering an abortion.  Not going to do that.  Thank you!”  Is 55:11
LIFE Runner shared:  “I was able to walk a mother from Planned Parenthood into a pregnancy help center.  There were several God circumstances that opened the door to this success.  I used several things that I learned from your presentation.  I offered to pay for her cab fare.  I also knelt down on the cement, and I prayed for her while she was in the pregnancy help center.  I stayed with her because I remembered that you said, 78% of the mothers who had an abortion said they would not have had an abortion if anyone would have encouraged them not to.  I showed her my love for her and her baby.”
Grandparents brought their granddaughter for an abortion appointment.  When a LIFE Runner asked if they were there for an abortion appointment the grandma said, “No. We are here to terminate her pregnancy.”  The LIFE Runner told her, “that is an abortion, please accept my help.  There’s free services walking distance from here.”  (The abortion facility escort was attacking another LIFE Runner during this conversation.)  They decided to not stay.
LIFE Runners provided sidewalk outreach training at a local pregnancy help center.  The next day, the training was used across the street at Planned Parenthood and a life was saved.  Praise God!
After doing prayer and Eucharistic adoration, Carhart’s abortion facility was closed four days in a row.  The next business day, a LIFE Runner walked a mother from the abortion facility to the nearby pregnancy help center, praise God!
At Carhart’s abortion facility, a LIFE Runner visited with a single mother through a car sunroof.  He offered her help and let her know she could walk out at anytime.  The father waited on a curb in the parking lot, smoking a cigarette.  The LIFE Runner said, “could I have a smoke with you?” The father said, “this is my last one.”  The LIFE Runner said, “if I get you a pack will you visit with me?”  He said, “ok.”  The LIFE Runner walked across the street and bought his first pack of smokes.  The father came over.  While smoking, the LIFE Runner learned that the father’s big concern was that the baby wouldn’t get adopted.  He was shocked to learn that there is a 2 year line to adopt a baby, parents are waiting.  The father said the pregnancy was like a “sack of rocks”, and the mother wanted to get rid of the weight.  The LIFE Runner explained that we can all help the mother carry the baby, so she doesn’t have to carry the abortion sack of rocks for the rest of her life.  The father said, “good point.”  The LIFE Runner said, “I got you a pack of smokes, will you do me a favor?” He said, “ok.”  The LIFE Runner said, “will you please go inside, give her my contact info for help, and ask her to leave?”  The father said, “I’ll do it.”  He walked into the abortion facility.  The mother later left the abortion facility, and said, “I can’t do it.” She left without a sack of rocks (abortion) and with the greatest treasure (child), praise God!
At Carhart’s abortion facility, a LIFE Runner offered help to a single mother in her car at the driveway.  She said, “you aren’t here to stop me are you?”  The LIFE Runner said, “I’m here to help you get free services.”  The mother said, “great, I can’t afford this $700 abortion.”  While encouraging her, a police officer approached the LIFE Runner and yelled, “Let her go!”  The mother said “yes” when the police officer asked if she wanted to talk with the LIFE Runner.  Another LIFE Runner walked the mother to the nearby pregnancy help center while sharing encouragement as a fellow single mother.  The mother chose life!
At Carhart’s abortion facility, a LIFE Runner directed a mother to the mobile medical unit for an ultrasound.  The mother of six born children chose life for her seventh child.  Teamwork for Life, praise God!  The LIFE Runner shared, “The mother’s heart was softened when I asked her to reflect on any moment in her life when she felt like something couldn’t get better, and to reflect further about how God used that to make it better than she could’ve imagined.  I spoke with the mother again over the weekend.  The father is elated that she chose life, and they are forever grateful for our team.  Forward in Faith!”
At Carhart’s abortion facility, a LIFE Runner visited with a father and mother in the driveway.  The couple thought an abortion would save their relationship.  The LIFE Runner shared that 90% of relationships end after an abortion.  He explained that an abortion would make this day the worst day of their lives and haunt them until they found healing.  The mother looked at the father and said, “what should we do?” The father said, “let’s not do this.” After they pulled away, the Carhart’s staff called the police out of frustration from losing business.  The police told the LIFE Runners that their sidewalk outreach was within the law.
The mother and father went into Carhart’s abortion facility without initially accepting help from a LIFE Runner.  The staff charged the mother $1,050 for a 16 week baby abortion.  After doing an ultrasound they told the mother that her baby was 17 weeks, and she needed to pay $100 more.  The father went across the street to the gas station ATM.  The LIFE Runner met him there and discovered that he didn’t want the abortion.  The LIFE Runner encouraged him to help his wife choose life and offered to get the abortion cost refunded.  While the father was giving his contact info, two abortion facility escorts entered the gas station and told the attendant not to give the LIFE Runner a pen.  The father called the mother.  The abortion facility staff told her not to answer the father’s call.  They told her not to listen to the father or the “fanatics outside”.   The staff tried to get the mother to take pills that would “relax her and start contractions.”  The mother went to the restroom to call the father back.  The father said, “we know abortion isn’t the right answer, let’s accept help from this lady.” The mother walked out of the abortion facility and allowed LIFE Runners to schedule an appointment with an pregnancy help center.  At the appointment, the mother shared that the abortion facility told her something was wrong with her baby based on the ultrasound.  The help center showed her the ultrasound of her healthy baby, and the mother chose life!  The abortion facility called the mother six times to encourage her to abort and to let her know they wouldn’t refund the $1,050.  LIFE Runners gave the couple $1,050 reimbursement for their 17 week pre-paid abortion and gave them a baby shower.  Text from parents, “thank you a lot for all you guys have done for us, I really don’t know if we could have lived with that decision. I didn’t really want to abort our baby. Thank you all!”
A mother and father arrived to Carhart’s facility to have an abortion, but it was closed.  Three LIFE Runners visited with the couple and offered to adopt their child. The couple is now considering life for their child.  After the couple left, their cousin arrived to help and was overjoyed to learn that they hadn’t aborted the child.  Body of Christ in action, teamwork for Life!
On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, LIFE Runners gave witness to Christ’s victory over death.  The prayers of people at the nearby Vigil for Life were with them that morning when they encountered a couple going to Carhart’s abortion facility, and the LIFE Runners persuaded the parents to reconsider.
A LIFE Runner noticed a young woman sitting in a car across the street from Carhart’s abortion facility.  Another LIFE Runner crossed the street and learned that the woman drove an hour to “take care of a one night stand problem”.  The LIFE Runner gave data that the abortion would only hurt her more.  The mother accepted invitation to seek real help at the nearby “women’s health clinic” (pregnancy help center).  On the way, walking, they paused at a memorial to the Unborn.  The LIFE Runner explained that each rose represents a woman harmed by abortion and her lost child.  The mother got emotional, the LIFE Runner gave her a hug.  The mother said she hadn’t had a hug “in a long time.”  She spent over an hour at the pregnancy help center and cancelled her abortion appointment!  Let’s keep reaching out with love to soften hearts to choose life.
Mother and baby saved from abortion at Carhart’s abortion facility, thanks to teamwork from LIFE Runners offering sidewalk outreach.  The mother scheduled abortion after Plan B pill failed, doctor found a heartbeat.  The LIFE Runner shared with mother that a 2 yr relationship with pregnancy help center is typical.  The mother asked, “what if I still need you after that?”  The LIFE Runner said, “we’ll still be here for you.”  LIFE Runners accompanied the mother to a pregnancy help center, and the mother chose life for her child.  LIFE Runners gave a baby shower to the mother.

LIFE Runner offered a young mother help on a cold day outside of St. Louis Planned Parenthood:  Zoe Isabella.