Something New (Ps 98:1) by Pastor Steve Selfridge

02 Jan Something New (Ps 98:1) by Pastor Steve Selfridge

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“Sing a new song to the Lord, for he has done marvelous deeds.  His right hand and holy arm have won the victory.” 
~ Ps 98:1 (full readings)
Pastor Steve’s Reflections:  Are you a musical person?  Some of us love to sing.  Others of us like to listen to others sing and others don’t want to sing out loud-except in the car when we are alone.  Most people enjoy music.  We have music during TV shows, in the shopping area, in church, in our cars, in our homes, on our ears.  Music is everywhere.  I like when I hear a new song that is catchy, has quality and meaningful words and inspires me.  I find myself enjoying hearing that song.  Isn’t it incredible that new songs are continuing to be made?  Actually when our favorite band/singer doesn’t publish a new album quick enough we find ourselves wanting them to do so.  Recently we made up a song in our house as a family.  We set it to a different tune, but we added our own words.  It was a new song and only my family knows our rendition of the song and it will not hit any billboard top 20!  But it is meaningful for us.  We just started a new year.  Did God get you through 2014?  You bet! And His right hand won some MIGHTY victories for you.  Sing a new song to Him.  You may say “Well I am not a musical artist.”  Try it out.  Maybe it will be a life long song that you sing to the Lord and you both enjoy for the rest of your days.  Praise His name!
* Steve Selfridge is a pastor in Rapid City, SD.  His wife Manel is incredible as a wife, mother, and teacher.  He has four awesome children-Bennett, Millie, Hudson and Nia..

Faith Challenge:  Write and sing a new song to your Redeemer of your life.

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Feast Day:  St. Basil the Great
Faith Quote: 
 “Sing to the Lord, for He has done great things.” ~ Is 12:5

Through Christ our Lord,
Pastor Steve Selfridge
Ps 56:3

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