Sun, 2 Mar (John 9:25)

02 Mar Sun, 2 Mar (John 9:25)

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I was blind and now I see. John 9:25

Devotion snippets: “Helping people to “see” was an important part of Jesus’ ministry. He helped some to see physically the light of day. More importantly, he offers all of us spiritual eyes to see the goodness of God that surrounds us.” By Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti

Rich’s comments: I didn’t truly understand what spiritual blindness was until about a year ago when I began to finally see the Truth. As I began to read scripture daily and open my life to Christ, it was as if filters that had been blurring my vision had been removed. The scary thing though, now looking back on a year ago, I didn’t know I was blind until I got closer to Christ. I see the World differently now. Things that were important to me, or at least things that the World was trying to tell me should be important (e.g. wealth, glory, material things, etc.), I no longer desire. It feels great to finally “see” and not be blinded by the World’s counterfeits.
Lord, I am willing to do what it takes to grow closer to you in order to be healed and to be given spiritual sight. Amen.

Through Christ Our Lord,
Romans 12:12

I believe that many people in this country who are Pro-Choice would no longer support abortion if they were not blind to the horrors of what they support. I recently researched “live-birth abortions” on the internet and found this website. This is a testimony of a nurse who talks about “live-birth abortions” also called partial-birth abortions that were routinely performed at the hospital that she worked at. The reason that I researched “live-birth abortions” is that I have been watching the presidential polls on a daily basis, and I fear that Obama is going to become the Democratic nominee. I read that Obama attacked the Supreme Court decision that upheld the federal partial-birth abortion ban. Please educate yourself (open your eyes) about abortion and the presidential candidates’ views before voting this November.

40 DAYS FOR LIFE (until 16 Mar): This is a unified Christian campaign to prevent abortion (and the associated destruction with mothers, families, and abortionists) through an around the clock, 40 day prayer vigil at abortion clinics nation-wide. Learn about efforts in your area and sign up for the daily updates at “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you” (Jer 1:5)…”you knit me together in my mother’s womb” (Ps 139:13).* Please share your experiences with defending the unborn (abortion clinic prayer vigils, ministering to abortionists, etc) and helping post-abortion families heal.

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