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Our Team (video).  Your support amplifies “REMEMBER The Unborn” message, impacting hearts and minds for saving lives!  If not you, who?  If not now, when?  How much ought we give to save lives?  Support our Team because we prevent abortions.  Our school chapters help students become heroically Pro-Life.  Our jersey brings a powerfully positive Pro-Life message to all the places we go (school, church, grocery store, work, races).  Our jersey message encourages mothers and fathers to choose life (Be The One).  Giving levels and ministry needs below.  Tax-deductible.  Consider Real Estate for Life, memorial gift, legacy gift.  Thank You!

SUPPORTERS (Monthly Giving):  receive 2021 Relay shirt and more!

BRONZE FRIENDS ($10/month):  shirt, medal
* +Donald/Angie Bacon, +Lauren Bartolo, George Bastedo, Karen Black, Ben Blackmon, Hugh Brechtel, +Martin Cannon, Scott Casmer, Grace Castle, Paige Castle, Jessica Cely, Brionne Clark, Jim Cloutier, Jeff Cook, Kamea Costello, +Julie Covell, Mary Doher, Jo Dorrell, Tommy/Ann Dorminy, +Kevin/Cindy Engelkamp, Jeff/Mary Grabosky, Evy Guerrero, Anne Hanson, David Holt, Mary Huddlestun, Kerry/Debbie Kovac, Sue Kutschkau, Dean/Jenny Lamb, Mike Mancuso, +Karen McMillan, Melanie Miriovsky, Brian Pelikan, Tony Peters, Cleo Ney, Ben/Bethany Reinkemeyer, Clara Roerig, Karen Rooney, +Sarah Ryland, Joel/Shannon Schroer, Diana Seal, +Michael Seibel, Enggrid Tjia, Liz Wong, +Allen Worley
SILVER FRIENDS ($25/month):  shirt, medal, devotional
* Jeff/Julia Cassmeyer, +Debi Churchich, +Joe/Louise Ferrante, Lucio Fioravanti, Lauren Flaherty, +Kristen Gustafson, Carrie Hansen, +Charles/Sharon Hansens, +Doug/Meg Hansens, David Hennessy, Bernie Huston, +Jim/Cindy Jandrain, Andrea Keller, +David/Lois Kosch, Dorothy Melo, Ted/Deb Mirenda, Rod/Jeannie Pittam, +Mike/Debbie Rowe, David Stevenson, Jim/Jill Stratton, Kevin/Janice Todd, +Tom/Rosalie Rockers, James/Colleen Ware, Doralyn Wilson
GOLD FRIENDS ($50/month):  shirt, medal, baton, devotional
Rodney Cargill, Steve/Tina Castle, Jonathan Chu, Johnny/Janet Cody, Bernadette Costello, Michael/TD Dorrell, +Bill/Mindy Kizer, Dale/MarySue Korus, +Dr. David/Dr. Liz Sambol, +Larry/Jo Schill, +Bill/Charlotte Snyder, +David/Katrine Stewart, +Charles/Andrea Tomlinson, +Fr. Joe Vogel, +Paul/Jacquie Westendorf, +Katie Zulkoski
BRONZE PARTNERS ($100/month):  jacket, shirt, medal, baton, devotional
* Dr. Kathy/Dr. Chuck Anderson, Dr. Paul/Karen Camarata, Bishop Coffey, Dr. Laura Diddle & Brian Hildebrant, Grant/Rachel Fenske, Richard/Mary Lomax, John/Annette Melcher, +Ryan/Karen Patnaude, George/Kathy Terry, +Sue Trammell, Doug/Wendy Young
SILVER PARTNERS ($200/month):  2 jackets, 2 shirts, 2 medals, baton, devotional
* +Clapp family, +Dr. Mitch/Chrissy Finnie, +Mike/Suzie Lawler, +Run for Justin Foundation
GOLD PARTNERS ($400/month or more):  2 jackets, 2 shirts, 2 medals, 2 batons, 2 devotionals
* +Larry/Diane Cochran, Ed/Linda Janeczko, Brooke Parsons, +Ernie/Susan Straub
2021 RELAY SPONSORS:  promotions, logo, jackets, medals, shirts, batons
* Arms/Finish:  North (available), South (available), West (available), East (available), Finish (Ernie/Susan Straub)

Set up monthly giving online or mail annual check to “LIFE Runners” at P.O. Box 460651, Papillion, NE 68046.  Thank you!

Donate Today
Funding needs for growth (1 Cor 3:6)
  • “REMEMBER The Unborn” jerseys

    Schools ($70,000) - Africa ($10,000).

  • Pregnancy Help Centers

    "REMEMBER The Unborn" Gear for 5K’s ($10,000)

  • Outreach

    "REMEMBER The Unborn" Billboards ($15,000) - Expo Booths ($15,000)

  • Chapters

    Elite Athletes Chapter ($5,000) - "REMEMBER The Unborn" banners ($10,000)

  • March for Life DC and Walk for Life West Coast

    "REMEMBER The Unborn" signs and stickers ($10,000)

  • A-Cross America Relay

    Documentary ($10,000)



LIFE Runners are encouraged to be monthly contributors to help our Team grow.  Tax deductible donations can be given online or mailed to LIFE Runners at P.O. Box 460651, Papillion, NE 68046.  Thank You!


Set up a Facebook fundraiser for LIFE Runners while training for a race, for your birth-day, and leading up to our annual Relay.  

Set up Mighty Cause fundraising page (here) for LIFE Runners.  Tech support at (866)437-1952.

  • For best results, email your fundraising page link to individuals (not group email) with a personal invitation to be part of our life-saving mission.  Ask family and friends to sponsor you with a one time or monthly donation. 
  • Make a sacrificial donation on your page – lead by example.  Set a big goal and ask sponsors to give big.
  • Ask sponsors to pray for our mission and ask them for prayer requests to lift up during running time.  Invite your sponsors to sign up to be LIFE Runners.
  • Speak at churches and with Pro-Life groups for recruiting LIFE Runners and getting donations.  Ask your local Knight of Columbus Council to sponsor you.   
”I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” ~ 1 Cor 3:6

”Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us persevere in running the race set before us…with our eyes fixed on Jesus.” ~ Heb 12:1-2

Please consider donating to LIFE Runners today!