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24 Oct 6 yr-old LIFE Runner Sets World Record

WORLD RECORD half marathon by 6 y/o LR Keelan Glass! - LifeSiteNews, Dallas Morning News, Abilene KTXS, MSN/Fox Sports, The Blaze, Runner’s World, Good Morning America, CNN, England, Live Action, Today, and many more (20-25 Oct 2013). * Photo Credits:  Glass family, friends and fans. Keelan Glass first caught our attention when she won the 15K at the Fort...

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13 Oct LIFE Runners Faced Crazy Horse Blizzard

For most of the nearly 200 LIFE Runners who planned to race the Crazy Horse 1K/5K/half/full Marathon (5-6 Oct), it wasn't easy arranging transportation to the Black Hills, with very few direct flights and a long drive.  Then, Atlas showed up (possibly the most destructive winter storm on record in South Dakota). ...

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