03 May Pat Castle (goals)

Hi, LIFER'sMy strategic goal is to embrace our Team Mission: God first, Defend the unborn (ProLife), Encouragement, Health. Here are my tactical goals while training to reach the finish line of the TC Marathon for ProLife. * God first: Run closer to the Father, Son,...

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02 May Rich Reich Intro

Hello LIFE Runners,I am in the Air Force and currently working on my PhD in chemistry at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. I taught chemistry with Pat at the Air Force Academy a few years ago and I co-author the LIFE Group devotions...

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28 Apr Steve Castle Intro

Hello Life Runners!I am signed up for the TC Marathon and really excited about it. I am Pat's little-big brother and will be striving to make all the Clydesdale's out there proud.Here are my goals in brief:Run for all the innocent little babies being...

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