Team sets sights on Philadelphia to Proclaim Liberty!

02 Apr Team sets sights on Philadelphia to Proclaim Liberty!


Happy Easter season!  After 40 days with 5,544 miles of running/walking in our “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5” jerseys, the four arms of the epic LIFE Runners A-Cross America Relay converged on Palm Sunday in Kansas City MO where teammates gathered to unite their voices!  The Relay course passed through 22 states, as well as many other areas by way of legs completed remotely in other states and countries.  With over 500 participants, we covered all of the 1,588 Relay legs (~5K each) for the first time, thanks be to God.  With this good finish line, we celebrate reaching it and remember the sacrifices to get there.  There were so many holy moments as we completed redemptive miles, often in challenging weather.  We took up the call to be living banners of truth with our powerful jersey message, impacting hearts and minds for saving lives. All In Christ for Pro-Life!

Kansas City TV news coverage for Relay finish line (1)

* The Catholic Key (1 Apr 2016):  LIFE Runners complete A-Cross America run.
* Kansas City TV News for Relay Finish Line (20 Mar 2016):  Fox4 and NBC41.
* Daily Signal (17 Mar 2016):  A Palm Sunday Convergence of Pro-Life Runners from Across America.
* LifeSiteNews (15 Mar 2016):  Relay offers healing for post-abortion mothers.
* Encounter Radio (10 Mar 2016):  A-Cross America Relay.
* LifeSiteNews (10 Feb 2016):  Teams of U.S. pro-life runners begin 40-day cross-country relay.
We now set our Team sights on uniting our voices at the Philadelphia 8K/Half/Full Marathon (Nov 19-20), to “Proclaim Liberty” for the voiceless Unborn!  Philadelphia race registration: Marathon is open, 8K/Half opens May 2nd.  Hope you plan to be there.  “Tproclaim liberty.” ~ Isaiah 61:1

To Proclaim Liberty 2016_Logo for Web.
As Pro-Life missionaries, our race is never finished.  When abortion is illegal and unborn children are protected in the womb, we will still be the Body of Christ for mothers in difficult times, for fathers who need encouragement to stand boldly for their family, and for those deeply wounded by abortion.  This is living out the greatest of the commandments, to love God and neighbor.  God first, Life always, Teammates forever!

Invite friends and family to join LIFE Runners (4,327 teammates ages 1 to 101 in 26 countries) to REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5.   Like the National LIFE Runners Team Facebook page.

Thank you for being All In Christ for Pro-Life!

Relay final march to finish line, all four arms

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