Things Are Heating Up…Are You Ready??

06 Sep Things Are Heating Up…Are You Ready??

Within the next 6 months, LIFE Runners have 3 major events coming at us.

  1. 2013 LIFE Runners Crazy Horse Race Weekend (Oct 2013);
  2. LIFE Runners Nellie Gray 5K (Jan 2014); and
  3. LIFE Runners A-Cross the Country Relay (Mar – Apr 2014).

These events can be opportunities for you to grow your chapter or even grow into a chapter if not one yet.  LIFE Runners have developed a set of tools to help you communicate/promote LIFE Runners organization/mission to your community/church/friendly press. These tools are on an unsearchable page of the LIFE Runners website.  So you must have the link to reach the page:  Be sure to bookmark this link/page so you will always be able to locate it quickly.  We are still adding items to the page so check back frequently to see anything new.  Also, if you think of something that  isn’t currently listed that you would like to see…tell us

Use each of these events to raise awareness – one of the four prongs in our mission.

  1. Pray
  2. Raise funds for Pregnancy Help Charities
  3. Raise Awareness
  4. Run

Grow your LIFE Runner group.

Church Community


Be bold and share information with your Church through bulletin announcements or even offer to speak to the congregation.  Occasionally wear your LIFE Runner shirt to Church.  Host a LIFE Runner information table at a bazaar or other type of gathering.  Be sure your church leadership knows that you are a LIFE Runner and that they have your contact information.

Religious Press

298115_2144739739972_765594870_nAnother way is to introduce chapter leader or yourself if no chapter yet, to the local religious and (friendly) secular press as the LIFE Runner representative.  Create press releases regarding upcoming events using our Press Packet Tool Box.  Even if they don’t run an article about that event they will have the info and may run something later.  Always circle back and thank the press after they run/air a story about LIFE Runners.  Always keep it positive.  If your local paper, TV or radio station has run positive pro-life stories in the past, approach them with a press packet.  Follow the “How To Write a Press Release” if you are not familiar with the format.

Social Media

social media platforms

Facebook is the “Mount Everest” of social media platforms.  It took radio 38 years, television 13 years, and the World Wide Web 4 years to reach 50 million users…Facebook did it in 3 years and 8 months.

In the U.S., 74% of population is online and of those, 70% are on Facebook.  Set up a Facebook page for your local chapter and promote it.  Upload pictures from local runs and other LIFE Runner activities to the page.  Promote it with friends/family and ask them to do the same.  The LIFE Runners Helpful Tools page, has a “How To Set Up Facebook Page” and “Posting Resources” that helps your page look like a pro set it up.  If you find other free tools that you want to share, send the link to us and we’ll add it to the list for others to use.

It’s all good and it’s all about growing.  Help us grow an ocean of LIFE Runner blue shirts around the world that say, “Remember the Unborn.”


An army of pro-life runners raising money for life-saving pregnancy centers while praying and offering up sacrifices for the unborn.

There are a lot of great promotional images on the National LIFE Runners Facebook page.  Feel free to download and use those too.  Add them to your press packet, Facebook page and other materials.  Blow them up and use at LIFE Runner information table.  Below are a few of those created recently.














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