Thurs, 17 Jan (Mark 1:44)‏

17 Jan Thurs, 17 Jan (Mark 1:44)‏

Then [Jesus] said to [the man with leprosy], “See that you tell no one anything, but go, show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing what Moses prescribed; that will be proof for them.” Mark 1:44

Devotion snippets: “Jesus honors and privileges the personal, inward knowing of the once-leper and his new relationship with Jesus. It is a transformation so deep and so total that it is beyond words.” by Claire J. King

Saint’s Day: Today is the feast day for St. Anthony. Here is a link to read about this extraordinary Christian:

LIFE blog devotion comments: Snippets from comments my Mom posted to the 14 Jan devotion: “Many people on retreats are amazed at the clarity they feel, little miracles, and the joy of confirmation. Coincidence? I think not! Why? Because we are in tune (through prayer and in silence) with our Lord. Let’s thank God by our everyday actions. We can speak more of his love and give him thanksgiving by our actions than anything else. Let’s make God smile today.”

Snippets from comments Rich posted to the 14 Jan devotion: “I believe that listening to Christian music was one of the key elements of my metanoia [change of heart] last year. During Advent 2006 I decided to stop listening to angry rock. I got rid of a lot of my music CDs, including my video games; anything that was a negative influence on me. The [Christian music] words made me think about my life. I believe that [Christian music] is a form of prayer for me. I have also found that I have a more positive attitude towards others after listening to Christian music. Christian music has definitely changed my life.”

LIFE prayer blog: We now have a separate prayer request blog that allows us to “post” prayers and use “comments” to update the prayers. The LIFE prayer blog has a link in the title of the LIFE devotion blog. Let us strive to integrate daily prayer into our lives…”prayer changes things” (from Sharon Carlson)! Rich posted this prayer request a few days ago: “Please pray for a 3 year old girl named Amelia Elder. She has been diagnosed with a number of genetic abnormalities, and recently was admitted to Shands AGH for a week to have a feeding tube inserted and to allow for a battery of in-patient tests and procedures. For more information about this little girl, please visit”

Sr. Francelle blog: Many of us in this Living Faith group also get weekly faith application messages from Sr. Francelle. I met Sr. Francelle on a Search retreat that she led in 1988 and am very blessed to be her friend. I will forward an example of her weekly messages. I will not be forwarding them each week. If you want to see her messages, simply accept the blog invite that Rich will send out tomorrow. I will also post some of her older messages on the blog for reference. For those who receive her messages, please consider making comments to this devotion on the LIFE blog.

LIFE blog admin: Angi received auto e-mails for blog comments this week. Anyone else receiving? If you want auto emails for comments, accept Rich’s invite to the Google groups (sent today). Please sign up (~1 min) for our blogs to add/update a prayer request, comment on a devotion/prayer, and to read postings/comments on the blogs. To sign up for the LIFE devotion blog, please click this link (LIFE blog sign up).

Through Christ Our Lord,
Phil 4:13

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