To Save Even One (Lk 15:10) by Chris Talley

06 Nov To Save Even One (Lk 15:10) by Chris Talley

save a baby
“In just the same way, I tell you, there will be rejoicing among the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” 
~ Lk 15:10 (full readings)
Chris’ Reflections:  I am unfortunately unable to get to the abortion mill on Saturdays to pray with others.  Last year, I was there Mother’s Day weekend, and one of the sidewalk counselors was talking with a young couple.  They pulled into the parking lot, sat there for a bit, then drove back out.  Eventually they came back and went into the Thrive bus (mobile pregnancy resource center).  What an incredible moment.  I was overjoyed watching it.  Yet there were still so many others inside.  While it is saddening to know other mothers aborted there baby that day, one was saved.  Thank you to all of those who faithfully go down to pray and encourage these parents to keep their baby.  One baby was saved that day.  Through our perseverance, one day they will all be saved.
* Chris Talley is a single mom with two daughters who does everything she can to raise strong women of faith who won’t fear standing up for what they believe in.
Faith Challenge:  If you cannot get down to the abortion mill on Saturdays to pray, please take a moment and pray for the parents who are going to abort their baby, and for the sidewalk counselors who are there to give them the wisdom to say the right things.

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Feast Day:  St. Leonard
Faith Quote: 
 “It is a poverty that a child must die, so that you might live as you wish.
” ~ Mother Teresa
Through Christ our Lord,
Chris Talley

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