Today – help your Team finish strong!

31 Dec Today – help your Team finish strong!

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LIFE Runners, 
what a fantastic year (2015 recap) – our Team grew from 3,002 to 3,921 teammates, ages 1 to 101, in 50 states and 24 countries, All In Christ for Pro-Life!

As we get ready to cross the 2015 finish line, help your Team finish strong with a tax-deductible contribution for LIFE Runners to continue impacting hearts/minds for saving lives.  Each LIFE Runner’s goal is to raise/contribute $262 each year or give as able:  5K ($31), 10K ($62), 13.1mi ($131), 26.2mi ($262), 50K ($500), 100K ($1,000) – donate here.  Thanks for your life-saving teamwork.  Please continue praying the LIFE Runners Creed to help end abortion.

Funding needs for LIFE Runners growth (1 Cor 3:6)
* Admin:  new website, Devotions delivery, Facebook marketing, annual newsletter.
* Chapters:  marketing materials, youth chapter jerseys, leaders retreat/training.
* Booths:  marathon expos, conferences.
* Pregnancy help centers:  support walk/run 5K’s with consulting and LIFE Runners gear.
* Phone app:  log time in jersey and make it a friendly competition between teammates and chapters.
* Jerseys for third world countries:  LIFE Runners in 24 countries.
* A-Cross America Relay documentary:  for EWTN promo each year.
* LIFE Runners Devotions book:  for pregnancy help centers, teammates, Pro-Life community building.
* Communications:  need paid position for connecting and growing team.  LIFE Runners has no paid positions.

2016 – let’s have a running start! 

* LIFE Runners A-Cross America Relay (Feb 10th to Mar 20th) – Register now to run/walk 5K legs.  You can even run/walk 5K legs remotely in your neighborhood – be sure to wear your REMEMBER The Unborn jersey.

* Wear your REMEMBER The Unborn jersey in public the First Wednesday of each month and share photos on social media with #GearUpSpeakUp.

* Join teammates for the 2016 Philadelphia 8K/half/full Marathon (Nov 19-20).

* If you have a local chapter, stay involved with a monthly gathering (guidance).  If you don’t have a local chapter, consider starting one with at least 5 members.

* Follow our Pro-Life teamwork on Facebook.  Send us your input and ideas at

Thanks for your life-saving teamwork – God first, Life always, Teammates forever!

All In Christ for Pro-Life,

Dr. Pat Castle (MO):  president, co-founder
Dr. Rich Reich (CO):  vice president, co-founder
Paul Westendorf (SD):  membership director
Jeff Grabosky (MO):  relay director
Scott Casmer (CO):  finance officer
Karen Patnaude (Fiji Islands):  communications officer
Grant Fenske (LA):  healing ministry coordinator
T.D. Dorrell (KS):  relay assistant

Why contribute to LIFE Runners?  The LIFE Runners jersey is so powerful for bringing a positive Pro-Life message to places in our culture that can’t be reached easily by other media (schools, churches, grocery story, work, races).  Our “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey message keeps the issue top of mind and starts conversations, impacting hearts/minds for saving lives.  LIFE Runners bring abortion vulnerable women to help at pregnancy help centers.  LIFE Runners help prevent abortion and provide a healing community for post-abortion mothers, fathers, and families.  LIFE Runners provide such a positive way to put your Pro-Life faith in action and save lives!  donate here


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