Tues, 29 Jan (Mark 3:34)‏‏‏

29 Jan Tues, 29 Jan (Mark 3:34)‏‏‏

* Welcome God into each day by reading the Living Faith devotional before work (~1 min). Order at http://www.livingfaith.com/.

Here are my mother and my brothers. Mark 3:34

Devotion snippets: “The message of Jesus is a way of life, a life of learning to see each other as God sees us. Through the eyes of Jesus we learn to see the meaning of life. In God’s eyes, we are all one family. Humankind has a long history of failing to take to heart this teaching of Jesus. The Gospel demands a radical difference in the way we live.” by Fr. James Stephen Behrens

Who would Jesus vote for?: Mark Foster forwarded the following nonpartisan Presidential Caucus Voters Guide link from the American Family Association: http://www.afa.net/pdfs/08vg.pdf. The guide includes positions of major candidates on issues important to Christians.

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LIFE Prayers blog*: Liz Curry posted a prayer request for Joe Levisky’s 3 month old granddaughter who started having seizures yesterday. Let us strive to integrate daily prayer into our lives…”prayer changes things”! Please use the blog to add/update a prayer request, click this link to sign up: LIFE Prayers blog.

Saint Quote: St Teresa said, “Let nothing trouble you. Let nothing frighten you. All things pass away. God never changes. Patience obtains all things. Nothing is lacking to him who possesses God. God alone suffices.”

Through Christ Our Lord,
Phil 4:13

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