2 Days until Relay – Top 10 List

02 Mar 2 Days until Relay – Top 10 List

QuotesCover-pic95Relay Progress: In 2 days we kick off the epic A-Cross America Relay, 40 days of running/walking for life!  We have 45% of the Relay filled which means we will definitely exceed last years total coverage of 49%.  We are very close to filling several states (already filled NY and DC): only 2 more legs left in WV, 7 more in IL, NJ and SD, 15 in IA. Press Coverage:  Read and listen to the great coverage of the A-Cross America Relay just this week:  At Home with Jim and Joy Pinto (26 Feb 2014):  interview (10:00 to 53:00).  LifeSiteNews (25 Feb 2014):  4,000-mile relay beginning March 5 to support PRCs. World News Daily Faith (22 Feb 2014):  Save The Storks with LIFE Runners Relay.

Top 10 Things to Remember

  1. Visit LIFE Runners Facebook page for frequent updates on Relay progress.  Also, there is a Relay Progress link on the Relay page of LIFE Runners website that will be regularly updated to show the day by day progress (thanks to Kris Pauls for putting that together for the team).
  2. Take lots of “Action” pictures of runners/walkers when Relay comes through your area.  Then post them at #ACrossAmericaRelay or on the LIFE Runners Facebook page.   We will use as many as possible for video.
  3. Use the LIFE Runners Press Packet to promote the local legs that you and others will be running/walking.  Your local media will be interested in the names of those running and it will help grow the team locally.
  4. Use the Bulletin Announcement to inform your church community of the Relay and need for more participants.  Also share the Relay flyer.
  5. Ask your church community to add a petition to pray for our LIFE Runners team through out the Relay.  Here’s a sample petition but you can create your own.
  6. Remember to pray the LIFE Runners Creed before each leg and have plenty of Creed cards to give out as you run/walk.
  7. Wear your LIFE Runners jersey for all to see.  Raising awareness is one of the three prongs of  our mission:  prayer, fundraising, awareness.
  8. Be safe.  Always be safe and only run in daylight hours.
  9. Use the Frequently Asked Questions to address any needs or concerns local participants may have about the Relay.
  10. Be sure and complete the legs you are responsible for even if you have to back fill due to illness.
    God first, Life always, Teammates forever – All In Christ for Pro-Life!
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