Unplanned But Not Unwanted (Zech 8:5) by Peggy Bowes

28 Sep Unplanned But Not Unwanted (Zech 8:5) by Peggy Bowes


The city shall be filled with boys and girls playing in its streets.’’ ~ Zech 8:5 (full readings)
Peggy’s Reflections:  The pro-choice advocates try to convince us that children are a nuisance if they aren’t carefully planned; an inconvenient problem whose solution is abortion. Yet there are no doubt millions of people who can’t imagine life without their “unplanned” children. Children by nature are happy and joyful, and the verse above describes a city where children fill the streets. Such an image evokes laughing children having a wonderful time playing outside. It reminds me of the short story, The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. The giant comes home from a long trip to find children playing in his yard. He makes them all leave, and as a result it is always winter in the garden. Spring only returns when the children sneak in through the wall. As long as abortion remains an option, we can never truly experience spring.
* Peggy Bowes is the author of The Rosary Workout and co-author of Tending the Temple and Truth for Teens. She is a former Air Force pilot and devoted wife and mother of two teens. Visit www.rosaryworkout.com..

Faith Challenge:  Try to find time this week to fast or give up a meal. Offer it up for the intention of ending abortion.

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Our Prayers: Pray LIFE Runners Creed to End Abortion.  Add Prayers. Pray with meals, bedtime, wake up, unceasingly. Consider mid-week Family Rosary (17 min). Let’s pray now.
Feast Day:  St. Wenceslaus
Faith Quote:  “
Sweeter even than to have had the joy of children of my own has it been for me to help bring about a better state of things for mothers generally, so that their unborn little ones could not be willed away from them.” Susan B. Anthony

Through Christ our Lord,
Peggy Bowes
Joshua 24:15

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