Virtue of Devotion (Jn 6:40) by Jennifer Brinker

26 May Virtue of Devotion (Jn 6:40) by Jennifer Brinker

devotion-vs-disciplineFor this is the will of my Father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him may have eternal life. ~ Jn 6:40
Reflection: Those who believe in Christ seek to live the virtue of devotion, but sometimes that seems difficult to achieve when faced with the temptations of our present society. But we do not have to submit ourselves to lives of solitude in order to achieve a state of devotion. Nor are we called to amplify our outward actions in an attempt to show others of our devotion. Rather, as St. Francis de Sales said, we can live the virtue of devotion in small ways, no matter what our vocation is. The parent, the businessman, the professional athlete, the priest and the religious sister all have the ability to achieve devotion according to their particular calling in life. True devotion, when adapted to each person’s particular strengths and gifts, perfects all things.

Reflect on your particular God-given gifts and talents. Think about how they can be used to live the virtue of devotion!
Pray the LIFE Runners Creed to end abortion.
Inspiration: “Devotion is simply that spiritual agility and vivacity by which charity works in us or by aid of which we work quickly and lovingly.” ~ St. Francis de Sales, “Introduction to the Devout Life.”
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* Jennifer Brinker writes for the St. Louis Review newspaper. 

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