“VOTE PRO-LIFE” (Eph 6:4) by Dr. Pat Castle

28 Sep “VOTE PRO-LIFE” (Eph 6:4) by Dr. Pat Castle

12799236_10205829397639625_6419378236598328513_nFathers… bring them [children] up with the training and instruction of the Lord. ~ Eph 6:4
Reflection:  God commands fathers to oppose abortion (“bring them up”) and share the Faith with their children (“training and instruction”). Our Founding Fathers obviously embraced this as a responsibility to also bring up citizens with the training and instruction of the Lord. In 1782, Congress printed the Bible for the common good of “schools and the inhabitants of the United States.” Out of the 56 Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence, 29 of them had seminary or Bible school degrees. Thomas Jefferson said, “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” Today’s image is my license plate holder, “VOTE PRO-LIFE.” As you prepare to vote (right and responsibility), review the Five Non-negotiables of a True Christian voter: Abortion, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning, and Homosexual “marriage.” These issues are “intrinsically evil and must never be promoted by the law.” One candidate stated that he is “against abortion, but pro-choice.” If you are ok with someone else murdering, you are not against murder (pro-choice = pro-abortion). This is a non-negotiable issue, everyone picks a side (by action/inaction), life or death, good or evil, God or Satan. Let’s pray that America isn’t fooled by Satan’s rhetoric again. In our sphere’s of influence, let’s all take an obvious stand against the Silent Holocaust (abortion), the crown jewel of Satan.  Choose God, choose Life.
* Here is a Newsboys song to inspire our Christian (Pro-Life) voting efforts: I Am Free!
Challenge: Help save the Unborn (and families) from destruction by taking a stand with your vote and prayers for Pro-Life!  Stand in prayer outside an abortion facility during this 40 Days for Life (starts today!).
Pray LIFE Runners Creed to end abortion.
Inspiration: “The very first right we must protect, if all human rights are to be protected, is the right to life for the unborn. Those who do not understand or accept this basic human right are unworthy of our trust.” ~ Archbishop Elden F. Curtiss
All In Christ for Pro-Life,
* Dr. Pat Castle is blessed to be Angi’s husband and dad for Paige and Grace.  He also serves as the coach/founder for the National LIFE Runners Team.  Pat teaches high school chemistry in Jefferson City, MO.  Introduction

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  • Laura schneider
    Posted at 10:36 AM, 28 September 2016 Reply

    Voting for Clinton could be a Greivious Offense.