Walk for Life West Coast – recap

07 Feb Walk for Life West Coast – recap

The LIFE Runners theme for 2017 is “Be the Light” and that is exactly why a group of LIFE Runners chose to converge in San Francisco for the Walk for Life West Coast.  San Francisco needs light, it needs truth, it needs people willing to stand up for what is right not what is popular.

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50,000 passionaltely pro-life, women, men and youth from across the country and around the world joined together not to protest but to celebrate life!  We were prepared to bring awareness and truth of the destruction of abortion to the streets of San Francisco no matter what we faced.  Emotions were high as we entered into the spiritual battleground to march down Market Street.  LIFE Runners teammates from coast to coast and as far as Fiji joined together to stand up for women and for the unborn.  We knew that many were angry and threatened by us.  Regardless of the circumstances spirits were high as we listened to speakers affirm life and we joyfully and prayerfully prepared to make our voices heard.  For some of our teammates this was their first trip to the Walk for Life West Coast and for others it was an annual event we would not miss for anything.

There was a stark contrast between the two marches that took place that day.  The Walk for Life West Coast was a celebration of life, with positive life affirming signs and messages.  The Womens March was driven by fear and anger and was a protest against all who threatened to take away the rights they felt were at risk.  We came to promote life, they came to protest, but of course all of the news outlets would emphasize the reverse.  As we walked peacefully and prayerfully we were heckled by protesters who angrily shouted at us, some suggesting we should have been aborted and other angry things along that line.  Others blasphemed God and the spiritual element of the enemies presence was undeniable.  We continued on, none the less, in a non combative and non engaging manner praying and encouraging each other forward.  If God is for us who can be against us.

The city is a hard place, there is so much pain on the streets and evil lurks out in the open instead of hiding in the dark.  I asked one of our teen LIFE Runners who attended to explain what is all felt like to her and she told me that “hearing the demonic voice we encountered on the parade route was eye opening to what evil is.  It was sad to see the extremely large number of poor people, along with the drugs.  I’d heard people joke about drugs and the smell, but wow it’s a terrible smell.  The people look horrible.  Seeing the mentally ill and how lonely they were was so sad.  I felt their pain.  It hurt me to see people my age angrily standing for abortion with their families.  Their signs were so gross.  Their hearts were so hard and hurt.  I hope we brought the pro-life truth and light of Christ to their hearts.”

In the midst of the chaos we began to hear echoes of stories here and there that lifted your spirits.  The moment that made it all worth it for me was the final encounter a few of us had with someone who was on her way to the Women’s March.  As a group of us passed out “REMEMBER the Unborn, Jer 1:5” stickers one of our youth mistakenly offered one to a group of women headed for the pro-abortion Women’s March.  They nearly growled at her “what do they say” as I called the girls back to me.  As we turned to move towards a different crowd one of the girls in the group pulled away from her friends and very quietly asked me if she could have a sticker.  I smiled at her and said “of course” as I handed her one.  We will never know what that encounter may have meant to her, possibly she was shocked by the lashing out of her friends towards two innocent teens or possibly she hadn’t known that the Women’s March stood on the platform of pro-abortion championed by NARAL and Planned Parenthood, but either way she walked away with the truth in her hands and that, if for no other reason, is why we march and will continue to run, walk, and pray for an end to abortion!

We strongly encourage all LIFE Runners who are able, to attend the Walk for Life West Coast.  This life saving event is bringing a voice for the voiceless to one of the most liberal cities in the US and we need to grow in numbers.  Defending life is a call to boldness as we cross paths with people who may not agree with us, but we need to be where the message is going to make the biggest impact.  The Walk for Life West Coast is a time to truly put our faith into action as we proclaim “REMEMBER the Unborn, Jer 1:5” in the hopes of changing hearts and minds for saving lives!


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