Walk for Life West Coast Recap

31 Jan Walk for Life West Coast Recap

LIFE Runners marched and walked for Life at events across America the past two weeks to shed light on the anniversary of the unjust Roe v Wade decision.  Each year the media blocks out the events as if they don’t exist, they minimize the group size if they acknowledge it at all, but still we move forward, forward, always forward for Life.  The weather tried to stop the DC March for Life, but the amazing stories of the hardships faced brought awareness to the otherwise ignored event.  LIFE Runners huddled up at the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco (awesome photos).  The weather was not ideal, but it didn’t stand a chance against our passion! As we converged on the city we brought powerful prayers of hope and restoration. It was a beautiful time of team and faith building. LIFE Runners traveled all over the city wearing our gear and taking pictures with the “REMEMBER the Unborn” flag and banner. The message was spread by our presence. On Saturday morning we gathered at the St. Mary’s Cathedral for Mass.  The energy of the massive crowd that had come to worship God was overpowering.

After the service, we went to the Walk for Life West Coast Rally and shared about the mission of LIFE Runners.  Dr. Pat Castle, LIFE Runners coach/founder, was interviewed by EWTN world-wide TV bringing more and more interest to our Team. The weather put up a good fight, shifting from sunny and hot to rainy and cold. None of that stopped us as we stood for LIFE!  It was noted, however, that the pro-abortion protestors numbers dwindled.

As the Walk for Life began it was a beautiful sight. Our line of tens of thousands marching down Market street could take your breath away! Some sang, others shouted cheers, and all of us unified for life lifted up our voices for the voiceless. When we did pass by small groups of protestors we prayed for them, and lifted them up to the Lord for healing. It was a privilege to be able to pray over the lost and the broken. Women don’t choose abortion because it empowers them, they choose abortion because they have been defeated by their circumstances.  They have been fed lie after lie, that they are not strong enough to face the crisis in front of them and that abortion is the only choice, but killing an innocent child never solves a problem.  The enemy loves to keep people bound in lies, and this lie has taken over a million lives each year since the legalization of abortion in the US. We have the opportunity to restore these women to the truth if we will continue to stand boldly with love and kindness.

After the Walk for Life, we attended Mass at St. Peter and Paul church in San Francisco where Pat was invited to speak about LIFE Runners at the end of the service.  We know that many seeds were planted on this pilgrimage (1 Cor 3:6). LIFE Runners represents hope, we are a beacon in this storm. We need to continue forward, drawing strength from the Lord and from each other as we race for the end to abortion. With the A-Cross America Relay just around the corner we have the opportunity to continue spreading our LIFE affirming message from coast to coast and border to border. Register to run/walk 5K legs of the Relay.  You can even remotely do the 5K legs in your own neighborhood.  Register all your training miles as Relay legs between Feb 10th and Mar 20th.  Details at liferunners.org/across.  God first, Life always, Teammates forever!


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