WOWZA! Life Saved, Tanzania, Front Page, Mexico, Alan Webb, Relay Finish, Fiji, Gov Noem, Defending Schools

01 Aug WOWZA! Life Saved, Tanzania, Front Page, Mexico, Alan Webb, Relay Finish, Fiji, Gov Noem, Defending Schools

Wowza! Updates with photos below:  Life Saved, Tanzania, Front Page, Mexico, Alan Webb, Fiji, Gov Noem, Defending Schools

Getting close to the finish!  We have TEN DAYS to register and fill all 5,359 miles.  We have registered 73% of the miles.  With 11,996 teammates helping, we can register 100%!  Register to walk or run 5K legs on the course or remotely in your area before Aug 11th finish.  

Join the exciting finish line events, including screening of Where There Is Darkness movie in Kansas City (Aug 10th & 11th).  Events schedule and movie tickets at Finish Line Events

Since July 4th, we have completed 3,985 miles with our jersey message, REMEMBER The Unborn, impacting hearts and minds for saving lives across America and around the world!

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us persevere in running this [Relay] set before us with our eyes fixed on Jesus.” ~ Heb 12:1-2

FREE Registration for A-Cross America Relay – Promo code “LIFER”

Front page of online Omaha Herald (article) and covered by the Sioux Falls Argus Leader (article).  “The pain I experienced during my race, and beyond, does not compare with the brutal attack on human life. I finished my race with two broken arms, in remembrance of the unborn. In the breaking, I persevered to stand up for life.” ~ Josephine Kassube 

LIFE Runners joined teammate Alan Webb (American record holder in Mile) to cheer his wife Julia who represented LIFE Runners in the steeplechase at the USATF Championships, just 6 months postpartum!  Julia is our Tulsa Marathon pre-race speaker (Nov 23rd).  Watch interview with Alan: “Alan Webb and the two guys walking with him were wearing “Life Runners” shirts. He said Life Runners is a pro-life running team that Julia runs for and Webb is a teammate on that anyone can join.” 

Fiji Islands Chapters:  Nadi and Lautoka teammates took on Suva Marathon. Women’s team finished 2nd, and men’s team finished 3rd, cheers!  Teammates entered every race category and all ran a good race. God First, Life Always, Teammates Forever!

Welcome LIFE Runners Bishop Sandoval who leads the Autlan Mexico Diocese.  He joins these LIFE Runners bishops:  Cardinal Dolan (NY), Archbishop Lucas (NE), Archbishop Naumann (KS), Archbishop Ruzoka (Tanzania), Bishop Coffey (CA), Bishop Conley (NE), Bishop Gruss (SD), Bishop Paprocki (IL), Bishop Parkes (FL), Bishop McKnight (MO), Bishop Sandoval (Autlan MX), Bishop Sheridan (CO), Bishop Sirba (MN), Bishop Wack (FL)

“Love Them.  Let Them Live.”  Tanzania Africa Chapter banner. 

Be The One! Dr. Pat presented “Defending Schools” at the National Right to Life Convention:  Listen to Podcast.  See listing of all the LIFE Runners school chapters.

Listen to this interview with teammate Archbishop Naumann who will huddle with LIFE Runners for the A-Cross America Relay finish line events Aug 10th & 11th in Kansas City. Bishop Coffey will also join us for finish line events. 

“Public schools all over South Dakota are putting up mandated ‘In God We Trust’ signs” (Read Here).  High five for LIFE Runners teammate Governor Kristi Noem!
*** God First, Life Always, Teammates Forever…

Life Saved! One of our teammates noticed a young woman sitting in a car across the street from Carhart abortion facility in Bellevue NE. Another teammate crossed the street and learned that she drove an hour to “take care of a one night stand problem.” Our teammate gave data that the abortion would only hurt her more. The mother accepted invitation to seek real help at the nearby “women’s health clinic” (pregnancy help center). On the way, walking, they paused at this memorial. Our teammate explained that each rose represents a woman harmed by abortion and her lost child. The mother got emotional. Our teammate gave her a hug. The mother said she hadn’t had a hug “in a long time.” She spent over an hour at the pregnancy help center and cancelled her abortion appointment! Let’s keep reaching out with love to soften hearts to choose life. Pray this mother forward.

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